Calculating Host-Cleaning for Income Tax deductions?

I charge $15 for turn-over cleaning which takes me from 2-3 hours. I’m loathe to be taxed on this but of course I am as it’s included in reported profits from my listing. Approximately five dollars an hour is tiny pay for the work required but increasing the fee would take me out of the competitive range for my area.

Do other hosts who clean their listings themselves deduct their time/labour on their income tax returns? If so, at what rate?

Is this a silly question?

Thank you so much.

In the USA, you can not deduct your own time from your taxes.


@smtucker is correct. The $15 is income and you have to pay taxes on that income just like it’s a job. However, you can deduct business expenses such as cleaning supplies. (assuming you are in the USA)


Aha! Thank you Tucker and Mike.