Buying new rental what size bed recommendations

Hello everyone,

I have been hosting one property for the past year quite succesfully and have decided to invest into another property. The new place is a 2 bd 2ba gulf front condo in a small coastal island. The master bedroom is 12’ X 12’ and the second bedroom is 9’ X 10’.

There is currently a queen bed in the master and double in the spare bedroom. I know I want to upgrade to a queen in the second bedroom as I want four “full” sized adults to be able to rent the place and a double can be tight for people. My real question is this, should I move the queen to the second and upgrade to a king in the master or just do two queens and enjoy the synergy of all the same size sheets, mattress protectors, etc.

At my first property I have 2 kings and a queen and it get’s a little tricky at times keeping track of linens and what goes in which room.

Is there any compelling factor to have a king over a queen?

Thanks everyone


I have king, queen & queen sofa sleeper. The king is a differentiator. My neighbors/competitors have queens.

The king is preferred by men over 6 ft. because it’s longer than a queen. You are a golf destination. Consider your clientele.

Linens—all my blankets & spreads are king. They will work on queen beds.

Sheets are bed size specific. I used a laundry marker on the tags to indicate Q or K.

Some people will use all King flat sheets for ease but the bottom sheet is difficult to stay in place.

Best wishes with your new adventure

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@Annet3176 To clarify, you must have a California King which is narrower but longer. King and queen mattresses are both 80" long. I wouldn’t want to buy a CA king because it’s harder to get sheets.


Keeping track of linens shouldn’t be that hard. As Anne says, sheets can be marked on a tag or at a bottom corner. Some people have different color themes for different rooms although I prefer white sheets.

Unless the room will be crowded with a king, there’s no downside to having king size for guests and with Americans getting bigger and bigger, king will be in demand.

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I prefer to have queen size because the sheet sets are cheaper than king sets. I can always find them on sale. I would do two queen size beds. I also do the same sheet designs for all the beds to make life easier.

Opps you are correct. I guess the appeal is more space

I’ve been fortunate to find quality clearance king sheets for good prices on Zulily

Makes sense. Even if the bed isn’t longer few people sleep completely stretched lengthwise all night.

Depends on where in the world you are. Standard mattress sizes are different in different countries. A “Queen” in Mexico is 75 inches long and 58" wide. (60"x80" in US and Canada). And in Europe, they are different again. A standard UK King is the size, more or less, as a US Queen.

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Yes. Since I was addressing Anne’s statement about her king bed in the US I used US standards.

This is why both my rentals have queens. In the larger apartment a king would fit but it’s so much simpler to when bedlinen is interchangeable


When I look for Airbnb for vacation, and find two or more comparable places in the location I want, I will pick the one with a King size bed over the one where the bidders bed is a Queen.

Note bed size comes after location, and only into the mix if there are choices.

If your competitors all have king beds it gives them a leg up. You just need to make it so yours is so nice it doesn’t have competitors.


I want to thank everyone for their reply’s. Looks like (at least in my mind) the King bed is worth it. The competitors mostly have queens.

Another thing I found this weekend is a Murphy cabinet. Looks like a regular living room cabinet you would sit a TV on but folds out to queen bed with a thick bamboo mattress. I think the third bed would be a game changer and functions as living room furniture and is 100 times better than a sleeper sofa mattress.

Thanks for the responses all.


I noticed in my Costco sales email, Costco now has a limited time sale on 3 different models

I actually found a really cool Murphy Cabinet used but never used on Facebook Marketplace. This will be in the living room and will add an extra queen bed to the unit.


I have a full-size murphy bed in the living room of my rental. It’s mostly used for young adults traveling with their parents. But it is always a point of interest - people are fascinated by them!