Buying bath and shower accessories

How do you buy bathroom accessories. One of my fellow BnB host told me that he gets them in bulk. I haven’t bought bulk items yet. I have a shower dispenser in the bathroom which I keep filling from time to time. Also I would like to know what all bath accessories do you keep in the bathroom. Of time I have noticed that guests mostly does not use the accessories inside the bathroom so i always keep things at a minimum. What about you guys?

I buy individual wrapped soaps in bulk. We also provide a giant bottle of shampoo/conditioner and body wash, plus pump soap for the vanity sink. We do have a smal basket on the counter with miscellaneous small bottles and tubes which we collect when we travel, and guest often leave something behind.

@KenH, I leave a blow drier, lighted magnifying mirror and lots of travel-sized name brand toiletries. Surprisingly, nothing is ever used by guests, not even soap, and my guests generally stay several days.

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Yeah. We have a hair dryer too. Our stuff gets used more than half the time; at least the bath soap and pump soap. Everyone is different, I suppose.

@KenH @MissMiami (and anyone else reading this post), I’m interested in knowing where you order your individually-wrapped bath soaps in bulk. Are they the small soaps like hotels use?

It’s too expensive and wasteful. Just get hand pumps and refill with soap from Costco. Buy shampoos in bulk.

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I get my individually wrapped soaps from
Which has quite a selection to choose from. Also other ammenities, of course.

They run about $32 a box of 100. Not as cheap as jugs of liquid soap, but not everyone likes liquid soap in the bath, or wants to use a communal jug.

@KenH , @Esq999
I buy my soap at Big Lots; I have found smaller sized dial and other soaps for $.25 each. If a guest leaves a bar of soap used I just trash it.

A plea to hosts re bathroom supplies: support your local small businesses! I supply my handmade guest soaps to several small guest houses and B&Bs locally - they won’t be as cheap as the bulk ones from big companies, but I sell them at just above cost price because it gets my business known. I usually also supply the host with some normal-sized bars to sell. People love artisan soap and you can say “specially created for The Coach House” or whatever.

So do consider reaching out to any local soapmaker to see if you can mutually benefit both your businesses!


I find separate hand soap was a waste, as we have a lot of one night / two night stays so after they left it got binned. Hand soap is pretty good and more hygienic. I get a really massive good quality/trendy one and it lasts for ages. I also offer hand lotion.
Shower gel and bubble bath is also provided. It lasts for ages! Guests usually bring their own. Bubble bath only gets used in the winter.
I also provide a bathroom kit of face wipes, facecloths, cotton wool, buds and shampoo/ conditioner, among other goodies I put in, from unwanted xmas gifts I cant use.

My guests use my stuff…a lot of my stuff! I completely understand the guests I get who are traveling from other countries and doing a tour of the US, but the folks who are driving here from 5 hours away? I don’t get it. Personally, I have a bag of toiletries including makeup, basically a duplication of what I use in my daily routine packed at all times in my to-go bag that I can grab at any time the mood strikes me to take off. I don’t understand why others don’t do the same.

Me too. Since my guests fly in they often don’t bring shampoos. They are always grateful when I show them there are shampoos. Never had anyone complain. Often they leave nice full shampoo bottles too.

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We could buy a local $8 bar of handmade soap, but prices would go up and the guests wouldn’t enjoy them that much.

So, no.

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I got this on Amazon. BUT…I haven’t used it yet because I’m still on the large bath wash bottle I bought at Costco. I was going to experiment and compare. I have mostly one nighters but if they leave the bits of bars I am going to repurpose them into soaps for my own use by combining the pieces into larger soaps.

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We provide a little tray with these adorable tiny jars of lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and then a travel size face lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and kleenex. It’s not that pricey when you order online in bulk and the guests are just NUTS about them. They get mentioned a lot in reviews.