Busy season, still here

Just wanted to wave a quick hello. Our busy season is busier than before - i attribute this to, in no particular order,
Using smartbnb’s service

No longer being shy about mentioning my listing on Facebook in appropriate places. Now people tag me in local groups when someone asks if anyone has a place to put up their cousin. How wonderful is that?

Fewer listings in my area (according to airbnb)- I’m assuming people who weren’t quite legal have panicked and pulled their listings.

I think i may have successfully faced/ solved the “dust” issue. I gave up trying to understand it, and bought a hand held vacuum that my kids think is a toy, and i have them vacuum the bathroom floor. Instead of sweeping every day, we suck every day. It is more effective and the kids complain less, so… win-win. (I also think the “dust” people complained about in the bathroom might have been fuzz shed from the plush towels i give them?)

Anyway, between guests and politics i haven’t been on the forum much but hi!

And thank you to folks who recommended the black and Decker vacuum and i love you all.


Hi there @Alia_Gee
Glad to see you. Sounds great for you!
We get a lot of relatives of locals too here on City Island. They are always great guests.
I’ve deactivated my Facebook account for many reasons so I guess I won’t get that marketing advantage :cry:


I noticed you weren’t here recently and missed you! Happy to see you back :slight_smile:


Yes, that is the way to do it nowadays. Being active in FB groups and Insta brings a lot of exposure.

Next step is to create a small webpage and take these bookings direct outside AirBnB.
No AirBnB with their hands in your pocket skimming 13%, no ridiculous cancellation policies, no extenuated circumstances, and down payments going directly to you instead of generating interest in the OTA’s bank account.

It might seem a bit scary, but once you break loose of AirBnB’s chains, you will feel relieved.

Re-open it, and use it as a marketing tool only.
I know plenty of people that do not go into the hype of doing stupid quizzes, posting what they eat and sharing lots of pictures of their kids, they just post pictures of their business and promote the business.

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How nice to hear you back once more!

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Glad you’re back. Have always enjoyed your posts. :grinning:

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