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Business travel ready

I just got this badge. Has anyone seen any benefit to this? I would think it would be helpful during the off-season as I’m near a lot of office buildings, etc.

I’m not considered business travel ready because I have pets and I don’t have 24 hour check in. I do have plenty of guests who are traveling on business. From what I understand the main advantage is to the guests, as they are permitted to have a third party book their stay.

Definitely! We’re in a tourist area but the city promotes and encourages business travellers - for conferences and so on - during the slow season.

I think that the advantage for business travellers is that they don’t have to trawl their way through listings to find the amenities they need; they just have to look for the badge.

Before the business thing started, we’d get enquiries such as ‘I need to press clothes every day - is there an iron?’ or ‘I don’t want to carry toiletries on the plane - do you provide them?’ Having 24 hour check in is a big deal with them too because for some reason, business travellers often come on flights that arrive at odd times.

I love having business guests. They often stay for longer than they would if they were staying in a hotel. They’ll extend their stay to include the weekend before or after their business event. They are normally busy during the day so there’s less wear and tear on the property and they usually bring a partner or friend with them (which is great if you charge for extra people).

I explain in our listing that we’re within easy distance of the convention centre so if you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to mention that you’re close to office buildings and so on.


I wish Air would take out the stipulation that you can’t have pets if you want to be “business friendly”. I can do all the other things except the no pets.

So far, our two cats are more popular with our guests than we are. I think many business travelers would actually like to stay in a place with pets. They are away from the comforts of home, and traveling when they perhaps would rather not be. Conducting business and being away from home can be stressful. I think that some might enjoy having a friendly animal around to pet.


I wish they would allow private rooms to have that badge. I could find a place for my dog but I can’t move my family out of here while they are here so they have the whole place.


I can’t get it because I have pets. But my occupancy rates are excellent anyway so I don’t really care.

I also have a pet (a cat). I don’t see why this prohibits us from being business travel ready. Don’t some businessmen/women have pets of their own?

I agree. I don’t know why having a pet should exclude business travel as long as the pet is disclosed.

Agree. Same here, two dogs and two cats are the first contact points guests reach out to.

Yes, I am also frustrated that it has to be entire house / apartment. Wouldn’t business travelers want someone around to help them with local information just like regular travelers? Our place is perfect for business travelers - we are close to several really large companies - and we have all the Wifi, computer desks and other amenities needed.

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Yeah, some of the things seem really goofy to me. I’m sure business travelers would still choose your places, but I guess they want certain things for businesses to be searching for their employees?

Reminder, if you already told folks that you have pets, and they booked, of course they are happy to see them; you only meet people who are predisposed. Filtering for kids, pets, etc. is not what a business person who books stays for their people need to ‘look out’ for. A business trip includes making sure when you go to your meeting without hairs on your clothes. Not such a big deal if you are a tourist etc, but…

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A business booked my place but because I have mine listed as “private room” (because I live on the property) and I have a cat in the house, it was still booked as a personal trip. The manager of the company has the airbnb account, and booked on behalf of two of his employees and gave the names of the employees. This is my first time accepting a business travel. He could not find a way to add his employees to the reservation because my account cannot be set up as business travel. Has anyone else experienced this?

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