Business Travel Ready?

I’ve received notice that we are “almost” business travel ready. We’ve got the 5 star reviews, the responsiveness, the commitment. But, to be good to go all we need to do is add some more amenities such as a Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, 24-Hour Check-in, a Hair Dryer, an Iron, and a Laptop Friendly Workspace. IN A TRADITIONAL NAVAJO HOGAN?! On the Navajo reservation?


Well, I am not so sure a “Navajo Hogan” is the type of accommodation a business traveller is looking for ?

In any case, you indeed need all the equipments to qualify. I put a carbon monoxide detector in my apartment where there is no possible source of carbon monoxide.

I’ve no interest in qualifying.

I agree with you, and don’t think its meant for everyone. Especially super unique listings like you and @mearns.

I was approach by a few companies, to use the island as a ‘business retreat’ and wanted me to be ‘on hand’; hmmm…no thanks.


I have everything but a carbon monoxide detector. I’m not going to buy one just to qualify for Business Travel Ready.

shashdineecoretreat – Where are you on the Res? I have friends northeast of Bisti.

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I have pets so it won’t be happening :slight_smile:

Plus I notice you mentioned smoke alarms. Here in England its law to have them on every floor if renting a space. I have a carbon monoxide one too.

Air offered to send me the detector for free, maybe you can ask for one.

Would you be ‘on hand’ in your Bat Suit??

Here in the UK the CO and smoke detectors are all in one most of the time. …

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are mandatory here in Calif, for homes as well as rentals.

Yes that was a requirement and that is when I drew the line. Told them that suit was for a very special occasion - when I show up at YOUR place.:wink:

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I will have Jamon and Cava waiting :grin::champagne:

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