Business Travel Ready - Carbon Monoxide Detector

I’ve just been updating our listing and see that to get the Business Travel briefcae logo that you need to have a carbon monoxide detector.

Our property doesn’t have any gas appliances so there is no need for a CO detector - however, unless I tick the box it won’t give me the brief case icon.

Not sure that it will make any difference to our bookings, we already have quite a few business travellers, but I don’t want to miss out on something we should have on our profile.

Am I missing some other reason why a CO monitor would always be needed?

I got a really cheap one from Amazon

It isn’t the price - it is more the fact that there is nothing in our property that could generate CO so the need for a detector is not there yet airbnb don’t seem to have an option not to have one.

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BTR label has not brought any business traveller to my listing but I am not in an area with a lot of business travellers anyway.

I am with you that it is somewhat dumb to install a carbon monoxide detector as there is no gas in my listing, but I did. Airbnb sent me a free carbon monoxide detector but I don’t remember how… Maybe you could ask their customer service ?

A lot of companies have these requirements for placing their traveling employees. Most of it has to do with liability requirements for their insurance. You will sometimes see companies sending survey teams out to hotels to verify they meet all of the company’s requirements.