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Business seems to have fell after summer

That is my concern. But I do see other hosts say “smoking allowed” and then put in the house rules that it is only outside. I’ve even seen one that allowed smoking only in a particular room. And one in NY that had a rule to use a fan in the window for smoking. Or some hosts have rules that it is only okay to smoke pot inside and not cigars or cigarettes. It’s all over the place.

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I don’t say smoking allowed. I also have the international no smoking sign as a picture in my listing. I’d be very happy if no one ever smoked on my property. I had one woman here with her daughter who was in town for some purpose and away all day. The woman spent all day chain smoking on my front porch. I couldn’t open my front door as I often do and yet the smell still permeated my home. However I’m not going to prohibit it either. Better to give them a spot than have them stand out on the sidewalk tossing butts into the street or my rock landscaping.


I would like the box to be unchecked and only address smoking in the house rules but once it has been checked you can only allow or disallow it, you can’t put it back to unchecked.

I know, I found that out with something else I checked, can’t remember what now, and then wished I hadn’t.
There are quite a few boxes I’ve left unchecked.

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It’s different for us because the yard is so large and people go way out there to smoke, the bulk of the seating is out there. And at least half of our smokers are only smoking pot, we are surrounded by dispensaries just across the river in Massachusetts.

Over there, hosts advertise “420 Friendly” and have house rules that only pot smoking is allowed. I can’t really say anything like that because it is not technically legal here but it is not criminal either and people openly smoke pot on the patios of bars and restaurants here so I don’t mind it in my backyard.

I don’t care what it is that they don’t smoke. Pot is fine, cigarettes are fine, vaping is fine - as long as they are outside. Of course, in Florida a lot of guests feel that smoking cigars gives them a good vacation feel and I don’t mind that either.

Pre Covid we used to get a lot of guests from Europe and I LOVED the smell of their Gitanes…

All outside though.


My observation has been that the hosts who are so adamantly non-smoking that they refuse to allow smoking anywhere on the property are the hosts who end up complaining about guests ignoring the no smoking rule and stinking up the house.

If the listing is an apartment with zero outside space, strictly enforcing no-smoking makes sense. But for hosts who have a nice big yard to dig in their heels and refuse to set up a smoking area for guests in some spot where there won’t be blow-back into the house seems counter-productive, as most smokers will be respectful and use that area.

If they have to walk off the property and huddle in the rain and the cold, they are much more likely to smoke inside.


I’m no smoking on the property.
The only real outdoor space guests can use is the front porch and I have no interest in smoke coming through the windows into my part of the house.
While I have a yard it’s steep and filled with plants and something to be viewed from the porch.

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I don’t select it. In my house rules & rental description I state “smoking allowed on porch; no smoking allowed in the condo”

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Loving the refrigerator smoker!

Any important info in my condo is posted on the refrigerator. Guests will see it!

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Is brisket included or do I need to bring my own?

BYOB (brisket & beer)!!!

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Sure wish the title of this post would get corrected. My inner grammar police cringes eveery time I see “have fell.” :grimacing:


Tell me how you like this one, written on an local host’s site:

During your stay

I try to give my guess there’s space.


I have seen so many listings that are absolutely dreadfully written. I understand that English isn’t the first language of many hosts but get someone to check it!

To me, it shows a lack of attention to detail. Is the rental also going to show the same lack of detail? Probably, so I’m not going to book with them.

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I can easily forgive errors when someone is trying to write in what is not their first language. (I do agree it’s lazy not to have someone fluent proofread a listing, though). The errors and turns of phrase they come up with are often quite funny and charming.

And I can usually tell when someone is using predictive text and doesn’t bother to look things over before posting or sending.

I also understand that some people are just terrible spellers. It’s some brain glitch- I have a friend like that. She’s quite intelligent, is an avid reader, but she could have seen a simple 6 letter word written a thousand times and still spell it wrong.

It’s when people are grammatically incorrrect in their native tongue that my hackles go up.

Uhh… I hope that those aren’t the original fridge shelves. In AK they warn us not to use them for smoking because they’re cadmium plated.

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I’ve seen a guest’s boyfriend standing across the street, smoking over the storm drain, but I’ve never had one smoke in the house.

I went to “no smoking anywhere on the property” after my sister’s house burned down when a “non smoking” tenant put his cig out in a dried out flower pot on the porch. I’m not taking any chances.


Just normal activity for my listing.
Even prior to CV everything fell off the cliff and bookings dropped after the summer peak.
Trickle along over the winter months with a few peaks and the usual pattern of repeat guests,new guests,loads of guests coming and going.
Airbnb is just one of my income streams,so not an issue.

I agree with you but add in one other category. I know many people who have hand tremors or severe hand arthritis. They do their best. Sometimes, by the time they see errors, they are tired of trying and just let it ride.

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