Business seems to have fell after summer

I have 2 units on the water in Miami which both units were rented every weekend up till summer ended. I’m trying to figure out if it’s just something with my pricey units or is this just a slow period.


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I think it’s because of COVID and your state not having a mask mandate. I had actually planned a trip to St. Augustine and cancelled it when I saw the increased number of COVID cases in your state.


Yes, I can imagine that the Florida situation in regard to Covid will impact a lot of business. You couldn’t pay me to travel to Florida now.


Our glorious Florida Governor is killing us…


As are many other red state governors. I’m so sorry and outraged on your behalf. These a**holes should be charged with murder.


Well the turnaround with the drop in my rentals here in Miami is not because of the Cov-19. I recently purchased both condos and started renting the end of March of 2021. Both unit were rented every weekend till summer ending. Covid is not the issue.

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The peak of hurricane season? It’s not when I would choose to go, especially now that the extenuating circumstances policy no longer covers “forseeable events”, like hurricanes in Florida in September and October.

Also, last Fall was the worst for Covid. I think people are hanging back a bit to see what happens. What is your cancellation policy? If it’s more than the moderate one, I imagine people don’t want to take a chance until the dates get closer because of the :poop:-show last Fall.


And you don’t understand summer vacation? In Sept, people are back in work and school mode. I think it’s a slow down time for rentals in many areas.

And don’t kid yourself about Covid not affecting travel to Florida. You have the 3rd highest infection rate in the US, surpassed only by Tennesee and North Dakota.

BTW it’s “have fallen”, not “have fell”.


Their right to anti-mask out-weighs your right to provide for your family.


Yes- Covid is part of it

My SC beach condo was booked all summer 6/1-10/5 with only short gaps in September.

SC coastal areas are among the highest COVID-19 infection rates. Hospitals are reporting being at 94% capacity.

Canada / USA border not open yet for tourist travel. My snowbirds cancelled.

The combination of off-season, Rampant COVID-19 infection rate, & no Canadian travelers brought rentals in my area to a grinding halt.

Only Ocean front, highly discounted rentals are getting the few bookings occurring.

Your situation is exactly the same as mine only worse.


Ditto for my November trip to Orlando. I’m waiting to hear if a postponement possible.


How can you be sure? I personally know of atleast 3 families who cancelled their fall/winter trips south because of covid+ delta. Obviously that makes a small data pool but I’m sure there’s many others who have also reconsidered travel plans.


Plus 2 on this thread. Tiny sample but indicates it is occurring


Blame your supposed governor DeathSantis who apparently wants to kill everyone by outlawing any measures to fight COVID, and now he apparently wants to get rid of vaccinations for measles, smallpox, and polio, too. No way I’d get anywhere near any of the Southern states right now.

Unfortunately, Alaska is saddled with a MAGA gov and Anchorage just selected a QAnon mayor, both of which are fighting the Federal vaccine mandates. The Gov would have been recalled but COVID got in the way of gathering signatures.

It really doesn’t help our tourism advertising when the lead story on Rachel Maddow 3 nights running is “Alaska has highest infection rate” or “Alaska hospitals ration care”. Anchorage has NO ICU beds. We have one in Juneau today. Hospitals are asking folks to not do anything risky that could cause an accident requiring hospital care, and snow just started falling in Anchorage.

The only business I expect until spring are business travelers coming to Juneau from Anchorage, and I’m being very careful about accepting only vaccinated guests.


My SC property’s are fully booked just as in past years and at peak rates and prices. I am not Ocean Front aand I am not discounted. Your statement is absolutely not the truth for all locations. It depends on where you are located, and what kind of poperty you offer. You may mean. a specific area like Myrtle Beach, or Hilton Head, but not all areas are the same.
I currently have only one time block left open for one house…and it is always a tougher time period to book, and it still may book out. Jan and Feb are pretty much open and will likely remain so unless I get snowbirds or weekenders through the winter…no way to know that yet. And 2022 is booking .

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I’m glad for your rentals. Myrtle Beach area has an abundance of rentals.

My friends who have oceanfront or canal homes sleeping 10 & 18 are booking into 2022. These homes have a specific clientele and these types rentals are in high demand.

My direct condo competition is having difficulty renting.

oceanfront condos that rented for $299/night are now renting for $89, the race to the bottom is on trying to get the renters.

No one said it was. I started by mentioning my condo & my rental experience.

It is true that SC has high Covid infection rates. However I think my home area in NC is higher. Sigh.

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This particular coastal area of Charleston SC has a low infection rate. The coastal area of Myrtle Beach SC has a high infection rate. All of SC is not the same.
The upstate has a high infection rate.
My town has a population vaccinated rate of over 70% right now, and the data is including the children. We are proud of ourselves here for the turn out and our population is not having any kind of surge.

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good and interesting data =

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With over 300+ people dying per day in Florida, over 10,000 in hospitals. In August 20,000+ per day new infections, maybe it took a while for some people to see the writing on the wall.
I wouldn’t come to Florida for anything.


I think there was a pent up desire to travel that stirred a lot of people to find our rentals all over the country. I suspect that plus many mentioned factors are working together to affect occupancy. schools, COVID, vacation time used up, etc.