Business ready feature

I’ve noticed the Airbnb have a new “Business Ready” option.
For my place to become business ready, all I needed was to make it “No smoking allowed”,

My question is, do you think it is worth removing the option to allow smoking to make my apartment “Business ready”? I’m not really sure how many people would use the business ready search feature and whether I would get more people through business ready or through allowing smoking on the balcony?

I noticed you cannot search by this- you have to look for the business ready icon on the search results, so I really doubt many will take notice.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

This seems like a feature that will come into play at some point in the future.

As far as smoking outside, I don’t think that would rob you of being a no smoking property. What happens outside is quite different than having a lingering odor of smoke inside.

By this you know there was no hope in reasoning with him.

I just got a 20 night booking from a local engineering company who needed to house a client for a training session. I do have the business ready feature and there are many rentals available in my area. It was great since it made me over $2000 during slow season and the guy is barely ever here.

Even as a former smoker, I never wanted to stay in a place that actually allowed smoking inside. I wouldn’t think you would lose too much business by stating that the property is no smoking. None of my friends who are current smokers will ever book a smoking room in a hotel because of the smell,

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I find it more controversial the “24 hour check in” ammenity that I must check to become my listing a Business Ready one. Is the only thing my listing lack to meet all of the requirements and I’m still not sure to click it. It is not very clear for me if people will understand that the “24hs hour check-in” doesn´t override the set check-in time and I’m afraid I might faced problems in the future with someone that wants to check-in in the early morning while there is still pending time to finish the stay of the current guests.

I am business ready but not instant book so I do explain the normal check in times and it is a keyless entry so they can come and go. I already do get some business travelers and not many places have clicked this option in my area, but since I was business ready I still haven’t seen much as far as new business travelers

Even if you don´t have IB, rejecting a reservation request will affect your acceptance rate and, as so, your search ranking placement. I don´t have IB neither but I receive many reservation request without no single question nor intro message. My experience in Aribnb teached me that guests read only what they want and take the interpretation of what they read in how it suits them best. If your listing has (for eg) a check-in time at 2pm (or anytime past that) and if you also have the “24 hour Check In” clicked let me doubt about how your guest will handle with this two barely opposite statements. Note that the 24 hour Check-in description (when hover on it) says “Lockbox, Keyless entry, buzzer or SOMEONE AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME”. By commiting ourselves with this requirement we should expect our guests understand that check-in at 3am (for eg) is possible if they have booked the night before. Yes, many guests are very clever to understand this but you have the other ones who don´t.

I like the business option because we are a tourist area for several months, then the conventions and conferences take over in the slower season. I’ve had quite a few guests who are here for business purposes. They are usually respectful and undemanding. Totally appreciative too.

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I cannot use the business ready, because I only let a room, not a whole apartment. Shame!

I’ve had that 24 hour access box checked and haven’t had anyone confused yet (so far I have hosted 23 trips with 10 more booked). People ask for early check in all the time, but they are asking for it rather than telling me they’ll just show up. I rent a room in my home with a separate entry, so I just hide a key. One guy didn’t read my message explaining where to find the key and just expected me to be home waiting for him all day, and dinged me for it in the review, but other than that I haven’t had an issue.