Bushfire smoke in our city

I live in Sydney and have an Airbnb here in the city. As many if you might know, there have been bushfires nearby and there has been a lot of smoke at times. Sometimes it’s been awfull.
I’ve been very worried about my guests but one person is concerning me more.
She booked months ago for New Years Eve. At the time of booking she said she might change the exact dates closer to her stay (which was a red flag, but I didn’t do anything). Anyhow since the fires started she has sent me a couple of messages about the snoke, talking about guest cancellations etc. Nothing specific. I wonder sometimes if she is just texting when drunk (?). In one of my responses I said that it had been smokey and that I understand her concern.
Anyhow, the other day she sent
a message saying how she is going to choke on smoke when she gets here. The smoke had been mostly gone for the week and we had a typical glorious Sydney weather. I snapped a photo of outside and said this is what the weather looks like today. I
But I’m worried that I did the wrong thing and that she may have the expectation that it’s going to be like that when she arrives. Hopefully it will be. But I obviously can’t guaruntee what the weather or conditions are going to be. The fires within Sydney are out right now and will hopefully stay that way. But there are some in nearby mountains, and with heatwave conditions expected soon, and the bushfire season only beginning…
I should have said something along those lines but I didn’t. Now she’s just sent me a text saying she’s locked into coming now. I have a strict cancellation policy so I guess she can’t really cancel now.
I’m not really sure how to handle the whole thing. I’m worried she is going to create issues if it’s smokey when she arrives. I guess it’s all out of my hands.
Also, I haven’t been sure how to talk to the other guests about it. They have all been awesome and seem to have taken it in their stride even though some have put up with really aweful conditions. Bit no one has bought it up with me so I haven’t mentioned it either. Maybe I should have been saying ‘Sorry about the smoke, are you guys OK?’ I guess I’m trying to figure out how to deal with it as we’ve been told to expect more fires in the future.

Be mindful that she is not planning to change her dates, have you approve then cancel completely within the initial booking phase. This can be a scamming method for getting out of a booking, or to not lose monies.

I wouldn’t be communicating via any method other than the Airbnb messageboard. Empathise, but don’t get pulled in to their neediness.

You could even add in your descriptor for your listing, where “anything extra”: This summer season has caused an unprecedented fire season across the state. Although all of Sydney is currently enjoying beautiful weather, we have no control over the direction of weather, for lingering smoke. If you have respiratory concerns, please ensure you carry any personal asthma/ medications at all times. For your interest, here is a link for your to the air quality and PFES incident map.

Make sure you keep a Ventolin and disposable space in your first aid kit. Asumol is a cheaper brand of the same product.)

Hope this helps.

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There’s nothing you can do right now except wait. Wait till she arrives and wait for her to contavt you if she has any issues. The weather might be beautiful during her stay and you might not have any issues with her.

Not a good idea. Irrespective of where you host, you shouldn’t be leaving medication like this in your first aid kit. I think I just felt a shudder from my insurance woman again…



Do nothing. Say nothing. Communicate only on-platform. STOP stressing about what “might” happen. Forget about Reviews.


I do understand JohnF, but personally, my space is a dwelling under our home. I should have been specific, in my instance I hold first aid certificates and airways training. True, a first aid kit does not require Ventolin or similar and if you don’t have first aid competency, or control on a 1st aid kit, then don’t add it.

Thanks everyone. The idea about having about the bush fires in the description.
Unfirtunately there are times when everyone has been suffering…I normally don’t have respiratory issues, but there have been time I simply can’t breath.
I’ve had to reduce my prices considerably…I’m barely making any money atm.
It’s really freaking me out about climate change - being affected so soon, in such a dramatic way…

No. I don’t think hosts should use the word “sorry” for something that is beyond their control and doesn’t relate directly to their listings. It can plant the idea in a guest’s mind to hold you responsible, demand refunds, etc.
Commiserating is a better approach- after all, you are just as affected by the smoke as they are. “Yeah, I know, it’s awful, isn’t it. I sure hope it clears up soon. I just feel so sorry for all the people who’ve lost their homes, thank goodness all I have to put up with is smoke.”

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I am in Northern NSW and due to the fires and the opening and closing of the highway my bookings have fallen off a cliff.

Yup, got’em too. Some even still valid, allegedly (UK forces).

Would I provide salbutamol to a guest… not on your feckin life. We’re in probably one of the least litigious countries in Europe, but many of our guest are from the most litigious countries in the world. I won’t even give them a paracetamol; point them in direction of 24hr farmacia, five mins or so away.

I know you are a home stay, but if it were me it’d be in our private first aid kit, that was neither available nor visible to guests.

Says he, who regularly abused ventolin on endurance training :wink: nothing like a coupla hits of ventolin to get the juices flowing when you’ve got a 45kg sack and 30k to do!


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