Burnaby CA by-law

Hi, so ive been on Airbnb for 2months and been fully booked. Today someone from the city came over because a neighbor complained that i was running airbnb and the city said it wasnt allowed though i have not read a law about it. Has anyone had the same experience in the Vancouver/Burnaby area. This has significantly increased my cash flow and wouldn’t want to stop it , im seeking some legal assistance but would also love to hear your inputs. Thanks

Yeah. Hmmm. What did you tell the city?

Did whomever came over cite the law you were breaking?

If you are indeed in violation, you seem to have lots of company. There are hundreds of airbnb listings in that area.

I wasn’t at home when the city of visited but I called the guy up after and he said we were breAking a city by bylaw that disallowed things like Airbnb. Be sending me a letter and I’ll upload it

The person said they acted on the complaint I did tell him that there are tons of listings in my area and in the city of Burnaby. He told me it wasn’t their practice to go and check the website and look for violators

Bummer. Sounds like you made an admission against interest. I guess the stupid neighbors could have gone and looked it up. On the other hand, city officials usually only act if people are getting butt hurt. It’d be interesting to see if the law has any real teeth.

Is your home a Single Family Home or a Condo Unit?

We were told to cease and decist in 3 weeks. My home is a duplex.

i heard from the city bylaw officer saying that the only people who can complain against you are the neighbors front or back, or right beside you. must have been your duplex neighbor

Hello guys just an update.

So the city of Burnaby called me up and told me there is nothing in the city bylaws currently that disallows airbnb or short term rentals. The case has been closed.

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Do you think it might have been a disgruntled neighbor, or actually a dummy from the city, who did not know the law?

We are (were) brand new hosts in Arvada, Colorado. Lots of other hosts in our town. My wife and I had great fun setting up our STR then called the city to find out about local permits and taxes. Full stop. “You can’t do STRs in Arvada,” the nice man at the city said. So we’re getting out of the business after we’ve barely begun.

We’ve got two questions. First, what do all the other Arvada hosts know that we don’t know? Second, what happens to folks who continue to host in areas where it is illegal?

Sad, and don’t know what to do.

I would send a notice through ABB or VRBO for the area of Arvada, and ask hosts there. Watch our for some that have Instant Booking. VRBO will have phne numbers sometime.

Good luck with your issue.

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