Builders onsite

Hi im after a little help we live in a town where accomodation is at a premium and my air bnb is fully booked pretty much. my problem is i am having the house reclad and double glazed. do you think I could still Air BNB it at a cheaper price if I let the guests know before they confirm that it could get noisy during working hours.

I wouldn’t do it. No matter how clearly you tell guests about the noise, even if you get them to confirm that they understand you are likely to receive poor reviews.

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No, speaking from experience. I consistently got four star reviews during a period where I had building work done (June 2016) and have only just got back up to a five star rated listing, though I am still a long way from the superhost status I used to hold.

I would suggest you block out time in your calendar to have the work done. In this way you won’t risk upsetting your guests.

Having a house double glazed and re-clad is a quite a major operation and will involve noise and disruption.

It’s not worth risking your reputation as a host.

Unlike others here, I did continue to successfully Airbnb while I had construction last year. But my prices were very low and I get mostly one night guests. I also got far fewer guests than I did this year but that could be based on a number of variables. They tended to be up and on their way around the same time workers arrived. I did have one day where workers arrived at 7 am and were very loud. I refunded those guests half and they were so grateful they were practically in tears and gave a 5 star review (money was tight for them).

So it probably depends on what kind of guests you get. If it’s a whole house or a higher priced deluxe single room I’d probably either not airbnb it or wait and have the work done in slow season.


I think for me one of the reasons I would block out the time is because having builders in is stressful enough without the added pressure of worrying about guests being unhappy :slight_smile:

I had to close last year during remodeling. Not only when it actually happened, but when I thought it was going to happen and the contractor moved time frames around on me. You can’t have that kind of noise and expect guests to be okay with it. You’d get complaints even if you gave it away free. Just cl olse down. It’s your only option.

Can you work with someone who can be there between 9-4, for example - then lower your rates and note on you Airbnb listing that the house cannot be used from 9-4 for that period?