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Bug in the system. How do I feed this back to someone at Airbnb that will actually listen?

I have discovered a bug in the Airbnb system that really needs to be fixed. Guest reduced her stay from 7 nights to 3. (Oh well). At 7 nights my 20% discount had automatically kicked in. I noticed that the amount for the three night amendment didn’t look right. When I did the maths the 20% discount had been automatically applied to the new three night booking by Airbnb (not the guest). I phoned your help team and your staff member said that beucase I’d “offered” (automatically via the system) the guest a 20% discount that she was still entitled to my seven night discount rate when she reduced to three days!!! Talk about a bug in the system. I have managed to sort it out by declining her request to change the dates and sending an amendment to the original booking from my end with the correct amount. However Airbnb needs to fix this bug.

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There are ways to game the system.

This is akin to guests who know they want to cancel requesting to change their dates to a point that will result in no or less cancellation fees.

Good luck getting them to listen. I reported a bug in February that they haven’t fixed yet, and they keep telling me to be patient. The bug is affecting how many bookings I get. (I can’t remove the two-night weekend restriction.)

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