Bug in Airbnb Pricing software

Airbnb has agreed that they have a bug in their software resulting in the wrong price to the booking clients as well as the wrong base price for the promotions. It has been a challenge to prove it to Airbnb since they denied it. Finally, I was able to demonstrate the bug and I have been reimbursed for two bookings by Airbnb. I have been using the PC interface.


How did you realize that there was a bug? I’m now going to check through our listing bookings.

I noted that the charged price was lower then I evet set. I lsonoted that when I was going to turn on promotion that the Base price sometimes was higer than I ever set or very low. I was able to prove the bug by showing live to an Airbnb ambassador that when I changed the price manually in my calender it was not uppdated, neither in my calender or for the clients. So allwas double check when you get a booking that the price charged is the correct one.

Thank you for sharing this insight.

I have always looked at the booking form to make sure the charges and payout are correct. Once, years ago, I noticed the guest had been charged double my room rate. I immediately called Airbnb, who said, yes, they had a bug that day and many guests had been overcharged (this was years ago when CS was much easier to deal with), and not to worry, she will be refunded the overcharge.

As soon as I got off the phone with them, I got a message from the guest saying perhaps she had read the pricing wrong, if I really charged that much she couldn’t afford it. I told her it was an Airbnb error, thatI had just reported it, and that she should as well, so that she got assurance personally that the overcharge was going to be refunded.