Broker license for Short Term Rental Property Management

What is the regulation regarding Broker License for Short Term Rental Property Management Services in Dallas TX?
Do I require to apply for Broker number if I provide such services ONLY for short term rental in Dallas Tx?

Thanks in advance!

Since you’ve already posted here trying to market your management services, shouldn’t you already know? Most city codes and ordinances are online these days, so maybe you should start doing your own research by going to the city’s web site.

If you want me to do it, my standard rate is $125.00 per hour, paid in advance.

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In California a real estate broker license is required, I am guessing that Texas is the same. I have to agree with @NordlingHouse it does not look like you are prepared to start a business if you do not even know the legal requirements. So what about insurance? Trust account for clients money? Certificates of insurance from subcontractors? Business license?