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Broken Dishwasher Discount?



I’m just saying this because a friend encountered it…her dishwasher stopped working. She called me in a tizzy to come look at it. (I tend to try fix things myself before calling someone, thank goodness for fix it videos on YouTube). The wall switch for the dishwasher had been flipped to the off position. My friend didn’t realize her dishwasher had a safety/wall switch.

Anyway, do you have a safety switch? Did it get flipped? Did the breaker flip?

I know this is basic but being human we all have a knack for missing the small stuff.

I noticed you’ve been on the internet watching videos too. They are one of my favorite things!!!


You can save a ton of money if you are willing to try to do things yourself. The internet makes it so easy to preview and get an idea before starting on a project.


Problems is it won’t drain so undoubtedly the filter is clogged but I’m having a hard time getting to it because the hex nut on the router is frozen. I’ve applied some WD40 and am waiting. I’ve already checked the hose for clog but it’s clear.

Fixed my front loader for $4 by watching internet videos!


Serenity now!

Each layer of housing I take off to get to the filter has a different kind of screw/nut! I’ve got the hex nut off and am down to the last layer (3rd) held on by four screws that require an Allen wrench the size of which I do not have. Ugh.


I can’t help but believe the screws and bolts needing slotted, Phillips, hex, star and square is by design so that amateurs have to buy professional help or tools. Edit to add don’t forget deep and regular sockets in both metric and fractional


Yeah, well they’re not gonna win! Mwahahahahahaha!


We all know people don’t read. If they see a dishwasher, they will expect to use. My suggestion is to send them an email in advance.

“Hello Mr. And Mrs. Smith, looking forward to your stay. A dishwasher wasn’t mentioned in our listing, but the one we had needs repair. We have left you x and Y, which is located (under the sink, etc). Thanks for your understanding. Cheers!”


I no longer have a dishwasher as all of my sons have now left home. I have to do it myself. I actually have never had one and don’t actually know how to use one, I’m sure it’s not that hard so it wouldn’t bother me if one wasn’t working. Anyway with six guests there are plenty of people available to help!


If you do the dishes properly you won’t have to worry about germs.


I would tell them when they arrive and inform that you’re installing a new but didn’t have the time before they came and apologize for that. Then I’d wait and see what happens.

If they would require a compensation I’d give a small one but most people understand that stuff breaks so hopefully they won’t mind one bit as long as they do the dishes themselves.


Of course, but the fact is the vast majority of people do not wash up properly. They use filthy lukewarm water and don’t even rinse afterwards.


I agree that some are bad at doing dishes but at least I haven’t had problems so my understanding is that the vast majority of my guests do it well. We all have our own experiences and views on different topics but remember that there’s a difference in opinion and facts. Just saying.
I do have the occasional guests who leave behind a cup or glass but I think those are on their way out and that’s all quite acceptable imo


How on earth would you know if you didn’t observe the guests doing it? I am a live in host so I know for a fact hardly anyone does it properly, so I ask them to leave it. If I had a separate rental I would rewash everything before the next guest, because I know there’s a c70% chance it needs it.
Funnily enough I had a student stay last night. This morning he got a bowl out of the cupboard for his cereal and washed it out of habit. He knows!


He washed it because he’s seen the cat all over the kitchen counters.


WTF! The crockery is not on the counter, it’s in the cupboard as described. He washed the bowl because he’s used to his housemates scudsy washing up.


If I saw a cat on the kitchen counters, top of the refrigerator, etc I wouldn’t assume anything is really clean in the house. I had a cat for 15 years and I have dogs now. I’ve found cat hair inside my coffee pot once. I know you’re inclined to argue this endlessly so this will be my last post about it.


The cat can’t touch the crockery because it’s in the closed cupboard.


How on earth you ask?
I love your presumptions LOL
But I live here and I see shit. I understand that it works for you to clean it yourself and that’s fine. I have no problems whatsoever as my guests have the ability to do dishes properly.
I did however have 1 guest who gave only 4 because of the dishes that weren’t done properly as it happens but again as I’ve said earlier it isn’t an overall problem as it was 1 out of 200 so I can live with that.
Just like you can live with doing it yourself which is fine for you but “fact” is that from where I stand it’s not a problem :blush:


I assumed you were not a live in host, because we must in general get similar guests and their washing up standards must be similar. Mine are largely middle class I would say.
In order to be done properly washing up needs glove hot soapy water. Then the dishes need to be rinsed to remove all the germs from the washing up water. It’s not just a case of the plates not having any bits on (although that might be ok just within a private family)! Then they need drying with a CLEAN tea towel, and putting straight away so they don’t get germy on the draining board.
What percentage of your guests wash up properly within those perameters? I found it was under a third. I discourage hand dishwashing so it doesn’t get mixed with my clean stuff etc. and I don’t have to deal with stuff left on the draining board (that really would be an issue with a cat). I have a dishwasher anyway so it’s way easier.


Now you tell me you have a dishwasher? NOW? Really? ROFL :rofl:

But I’m glad you got it off your chest, all these heartfelt dealings in regards to dish or not to dish. That is indeed the question, n’est pas? OR is it?
It seems a little redundant with all your long posts and many words and explanations about dishes whilst having a dishwasher but hey, whatever works for ya :man_facepalming::joy:

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