Broken appliance needs to be replaced..

My guest notified me my drying machine is broken. I can’t say I know what happened but we had someone come out to check and it needs to be replaced. Suck it up as wear and tear?

Yes. A dryer is unlikely to be “broken” by a guest.


Tax deduction in my country anyway. If you are allowing guests to use it, you can depreciate part of the cost of a new one. If you can’t prove they did something to break it, you’ll never get recompense from Air.


@KenH yes, I suppose I can at least expense it, thanks!

I believe most dryers die on itself, especially when it is old. But I did experience once when a guest did not have common sense and damaged (burned) my dryer by stuffing a very large wool quilt into a small load dryer (only 6 month old dryer).

If your dryer looked normal and stopped because some component(s) died then it is just wear and tear.

Yes that’s exactly what I was worried about. That my guest burned the dryer because of something stupid like putting way too many linens, towels or something else in it. The same guest ran into multiple other issues and it was clear she wasn’t particularly knowledgeable.

By yourself a new dryer and put your old one in the rental, I do get guests that don’t clean the fluff filter which is a huge fire risk.


it is important to clean the filter after each use. If they don’t, the least problem is it will have to run much longer to dry the clothes which adds to the electric bill.

Periodically, you should also clean out the dryer venting tube, the vent cap outside, and other interior parts of the dryer where lint can build up. Dryer lint can catch fire very easily. Lint build up can also make the dryer run hotter and shorten it’s life.


I guess you were lucky the house didn’t burn down. In Belgium dryers are one of the major causes of house fires.

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Yes, I was lucky. There was no fire but very strong burning smell. I entered the house one day after the burning occurred and the smell was still strong. The wool fibre got burnt but luckily no fire yet.

@GutHend Ah you are in Belgium! I lived there for 3 years in a small town near Waterloo called Ohain. It was a great experience!

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A Belgian connection, nice!
Ohain is totally unknown to me. Waterloo I visited with the family in law just a few months ago. I live east of Antwerp.