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BrickHouse Security debuts package geared towards Airbnb hosts


This sounds interesting…would you use it?

BrickHouse Security has announced the launch of Morza Airbnb, a new home security system
designed for Airbnb hosts through the US. Airbnb allows users to list
their living space on its community marketplace for people to pay to
stay in. According to BrickHouse, hosts are not permitted to use video
surveillance cameras to monitor guests, and so the Morza Airbnb offers a
camera-less system, using sensors that notify the owner if private
closets have been opened or entry doors have been left unlocked or
opened and closed excessively.
The system sends text messages to the owner’s cell phone or email;
additionally it includes a smart lock that allows hosts to instantly
lock or unlock their doors with their smartphone. The ability to
remotely lock or unlock doors removes the need for the host to do a key
exchange with guests. Intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
are also part of the package, as well as a flood/freeze sensor and
door/window sensors for overall property protection. Pricing starts at
$100, with a variety of subscription plans available. Special holiday pricing is to be available later this month.

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