Brian Chesky email

Actually, an engineer at Kodak invented digital cameras. They failed to recognize it’s impact or were afraid it would destry their film and paper business (which it did).


I have a neighbor who was an automotive engineer and designer for Ford. When the company consistently refused see to listen to the engineers he just bided his time, retired in Hawaii and now drives Toyota.

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Have look at Simon Senek on YouTube. Various bits on the theory, made more comprehensible. Chesky has taken it, chewed it up and spat it out nonsensically.

Look what Ford engineers are up to now. YIKES!

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Yea email was much too long and non sensiacle - we are too busy hosting to read all that babble!
I just skimmed through it until I saw there was no point or focus - v. badly written.

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Thank you for this explanation! I didn’t think to google the phrase, I just assumed it was CheskyAirbnb babble.
If only you could apply this theory to your own life. But then, essentially, you would a vampire… :vampire:

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Maybe this is what part of the upcoming announcement is about;
ABB to expand “Experiences” to 200 US cities & invest $5 million;

Has anyone heard whether Experiences are truly successful? I know the profit margins are waaaaay more for Air than the home side of the business. I read something on that recently. I will try to find it.

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Here in Vancouver BC draconian city ban on short term rentals of “secondary suites” has caused us to delist. Don’t want to fight City Hall. Very disappointed with total lack of support from Airbnb HQ.

It does appear that maybe they are giving up the fight on any listings that aren’t owner occupied. In their defense, there are 1000’s of local governments in the United States alone. Add in the international market and you are looking at a 1000s of potentially different regulations.

Hawaii legislation just introduced terrible draconian ban that would allow he counties to conduct dragnets on anyone they thought was illegal and then take all of your present and past profits from you. Submitted my testimony opposed.

I was thinking the Airbnb Select programme might be launching on the 22nd Feb, they’ve been working on this for a while. As to the IPO, I think there are too many unresolved short-term renting regulations in various cities for that to be announced just yet.

I can understand that, but if your income is at all dependent on Airbnb it is worth taking the time to ready through more than once. It is a manifesto on the direction of the company.

And yes, I think their IPO is long overdue and that is - I am sure - because of the myriad lawsuits.

Hi @konacoconutz,

That’s an interesting issue, but it’s actually possible (and not really that hard) to get a sense of trends in advance, if you have tons of money and can afford to hire people to think about these things for you. Microsoft has been doing it a long time, and (I believe) historically Bill Gates was quite good at thinking ahead. But it hasn’t necessarily helped MS that much. It’s much harder, I think, to actually capitalize on those trends. For one thing, I believe it’s far from easy to move a company in new directions, even if one is in charge. And of course, you have to know what to do and how to do it.

From our modern perspective, everything now invented seems obvious. When I bought the first ipod gen 1 in 2002, I felt like it was a landmark thing! But now look, they are all but gone from the shelves now.

I think I read that they had closed the patent office in 1910, thinking everything had already been invented. That might be a factoid, will need to research it.

I don’t know about obvious. I think one can say that most things have been imagined by some science fiction writer at some point. (Planes, aerial warfare, atomic bombs, cell phones, the Internet…) Those folks are busy. But that’s a far cry from real life business.

Hey: “maybe they are giving up the fight on any listings that aren’t owner
occupied”… We occupy the primary residence, namely our house. We are
being thrown under the bus in order to get at hosts who are re-renting 5 or
6 condos and causing problems for regular tenants and owners.

That is unfortunate and I don’t blame you for being upset. Is this related to a housing shortage in your city? That is do they assume that self contained suites will be made available on the long term rental market if they are forced off Airbnb?