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Breakfast Recommendations


Hello All,

I’m just starting as a host on Airbnb, I’m curious what do you recommend to serve for breakfast. Also how this affects your ratings and costs.

I’m from Venezuela and I’m thinking to serve Arepas as breakfast, the problem is the preparation time takes too long (about 30 - 45 minutes). I think some croissants or bagels will do the trick, but I want to hear what you guys have to say.



I have a little self service thing - and it works great. I don’t charge anymore as i use the price tips match thing on airbnb and it adjusts for if you provide breakfast. I do croissants in the weekends as weekend guests tend to pay more.

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I don’t state that I provide breakfast but always keep their fridge with bottled water, mini half and half, English muffins butter and jam. I also provide coffee and tea. I get all the supplies super cheap so it’s no biggie for me and my guest are surprised by it.

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I provide the basics–cereal, milk (often long-life soymilk) and bread. The upside is that I have a self-contained unit and also provide things to make meals, like rice, pasta and cooking oils, vinegar and spices, etc. So I keep it simple. You should try to imagine what will work for you on your busiest day ever and go with that. That’s why I go with the long-life soy–cheap and easy.

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This is great!. Thanks for the picture, this is exactly what I needed to get a better idea.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the tip. A small fridge is a great idea. I was thinking in buying one for the room I’m renting, but I’ll wait to have a few guests and buy it with that money.

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