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Breakfast complaint


Fairly new to this and taking all slight criticisms probably a bit too personally.

However I state that I do not provide breakfast although I do leave milk and cereals, tea and coffee for guests to help themselves.

Last weekend I left cereals, milk, yoghurt, fresh cut pineapple, range of teas and coffee and a selection of danish pastries and the guests have complained that there was not enough variety in the breakfast.

Any thoughts - feeling annoyed (ish)


Well, that person is a jerk! You state no breakfast on your listing, I assume. And then you surprised them by having (it sounds like) quite a lovely spread for breakfast available. If they complained in a review, you can respond that the listing said no breakfast and they should look for a different listing if they were expecting something different. I would also recommend for your own sanity to either offer no breakfast or to clearly state exactly what you do offer. That way you can manage expectations.


Thanks Tessa

Realised quite early on that people will complain about anything! I am going to be very specific in my listing going forward.

I took the view that if I said no breakfast and then there was some it would be seen as a bonus.

To be honest - if I had stated breakfast I would have thought that was a good one!

Live and learn I guess!


Can’t you reply to the review publicly? Something so sweet like “so sorry you didn’t appreciate the fresh pastries I left for you. Breakfast is not included in the rate you paid, the treats were a gift from me”. Then those reading the review know what’s up

but I do know what you mean about tender feelings! One of my first guests suggested we add a full bath next to the guest room - as if that had never occurred to me, and wouldn’t cost $10-15,000! And as if my rates aren’t rock bottom and saved them a ton!! It took me a few days to let it go. And they did give me a glowing review.

i suspect that , in time, we will be seasoned hosts and let such roll off our backs.

happy hosting!


Haha, dcmooney - that’s a really smart idea!! Be sweet about it, but make your point!!!


I would have to reply to this review.

I would say - "I just want to clarify about breakfast for future guests. My listing clearly says that breakfast is not included in my nightly rates. All guests do receive complimentary coffee and teas. Once in a while I will offer food items, but this is to just be considered a bonus. I did provide your group with cereal, milk, yogurt, freshly cut pineapple, and an assortment of danish pastries. I fully understand that by doing this, it appeared that breakfast was part of the package. I apologize for not being more clear.


@Cabinhost: Brilliant!


Jenny, if you said no breakfast, then no breakfast. Guests looked for so many rooms to rent and read so many discriptions that they forget what they are renting.
It was very nice of you to go into expense of breakfast, but I am sure your guests just forget that they rented a room without breakfast. My advice for anyone would be to NOT offer breakfast, only coffee and tea. I provided breakfast only first week for 2 young, and very tall muscular guys. They would literally eat 20$ worth of food each for breakfast only, and I am not joking.
With that said, your guests were totally wrong in leaving a comment like this wether they realized that they rented room with breakfast or not. I think people who rent through Airbnb can’t get used to the idea that it’s not a hotel, and they shouldn’t expect things to be run smoothly as it’s run in a hotel. You provided them with excellent choice though you did not have to. I think you should answer them publicly that they are not realizing that they were not entitled to breakfast at all, and it will make them look silly after your reply.


I was thinking the same thing, Yana - they probably looked at so many descriptions they didn’t realize the breakfast was ‘bonus’


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: that’s a good one! Now I’ve heard everything! Please consider a $15,000 remodel that will pay for itself with Air bookings ,…maybe in ten years!! Maybe never!!


Agree…I got critiqued when I didn’t offer coffee…so I went and got some…then got critiqued because it wasn’t Kona coffee. Now Kona coffee is priced at $30 a pound and I’m not making enough on my budget listing to provide that, or any coffee for that matter…so I simply write: “provisions such as coffee, breakfast or cooking supplies are the responsibility of the guest and are not provided.”

Makes my life so much easier!!

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