Boost of new listing

When I publish a new listing does it initially get a higher ranking? If so for how long time ?

When a new listing is published, does it initially get a higher ranking? I.e does it show up higher when searching for a property?. If so for how long time?

We have a listing, but in order to not risk our super host status we will make the new listing under my wife’s name in order to not risk the super host status we have on the current listing under my name.

New host with a new listing gets a boost for around 4 weeks. It also depends on the saturation of your market.

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I talked to Airbnb and they claim that there is no longer any boosting to new users with new listings…

Do you have any source to the 4 weeks ?

How is the saturation defined and do you get more weeks is the market saturated or is it the opposite?

My experience was about 4 weeks, but I am in a very small market. There are 24 entire homes in my location and I have 5 of them.
In a saturated area, many new hosts, so many to get to the first page.
I would be very careful of what I believed of the CSR…. They don’t even know the policies well.


Thank you for your response, I agree that CSR is often completely off in their answers.


i thought it was a 2 week boost. but of course, is there actual proof of this? it’s probably tied to whether you stick to: IB, flexible cancellation policy, and smart pricing… meh.

As part of my side gig of helping new hosts build their listing (No cost to new host) In August of 2022, I helped a new host build his listing. After publishing/go live, we were screen sharing his calendar and working on custom settings for special dates. His calendar was noted by Airbnb of the dates he was receiving the new host promotions. There were 2 notations-I don’t remember the detail. One was for the new host “spot light” of appearing higher in searches. The other was for the 20% off booking promotion.

Airbnb screens appear differently in different browsers for example safari vs chrome.

Airbnb is optimized for the newest version of Chrome which is what he was using.

If you are using the newest Chrome, after go-live check your calendar for the dates.

I think new host search boost was 4 weeks. 20% discount expired after first 3 bookings or after 45 (maybe 60) days.

About creating new listing new account-probably smart. In early 2022, I created a new listing under my existing account & did not receive any new listing promotions (that I can remember).

That is “secret sauce”. Keeps us guessing.

I’ve been seeing a lot of “new listing” homes in my area lately. My personal favorite Airbnb promotion is the “rare find” designation. Almost every one of them are new listings with about 2- 3 reviews yet they have the banner proclaiming what a rare find you’ve stumbled on and Billy Bob’s place is almost always booked. Check the calendar - not a booking in sight.