Bookings while on Covid-19 Shutdown

So I have had two booking requests in the last week but the requested dates are still within the Covid-19 Shutdown period in Florida. I reached out to each potential guest and told them the situation here in Florida. They were understanding. I called AirBNB and they said not to CANCEL/DECLINE the booking because it would go against my AirBNB status, so I just let the request expire.
Then I got this message from AirBNB.

Guests need to hear from you so they can finalize their plans. That’s why we expect hosts to accept or decline requests within 24 hours. Allowing requests to expire negatively affects your response rate and your listing’s placement in search.

Is this just a standard response for AirBNB?

Yes it is. However if you get too many it can affect your listing.

Why don’t you just block out the dates if you know you are not allowed to take booking in your state? @Victoria_Dolci then you wouldn’t have to decline the bookings.


In lieu of declining, you could send a special offer at a very high amount.


guessing you havent blocked as you were hoping to get bookings within your area still ? or are you not supposed to book your property at all at the moment?

It seems Florida will be reopening vacation rentals but New Yorkers need not apply

Intrigued by how the FL governor expects to enforce it as it seems illegal. But stranger things have happened in Florida.

I could block them but we are able to take business travelers and we have had one of those. If I block I would eliminate that option.

We are shutdown right now but once we enter Phase 2 we will be able to book to Florida residents only.