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Bookings have come to a halt!


I used to own a shop, and every day at cashing up, we’d talk about what might have affected the takings, good or bad. Because it rained in the afternoon all shoppers went home early. Because it rained in the morning shoppers decided to come anther time. It didn’t rain at all, but shoppers were expecting it. Quiet today because it was busy last week. Or because credit crd bills have arrived, or booking holidays, or buying school uniform…
As humans we look for a ‘pattern’ in everything, we even like songs that repeat verses and chorus’s, because our brains are happy to see a pattern repeating in a 4 minute tune.
My favourite conversation is 'why next month is looking quiet in the Airbnb"!


For me the lead time in the off season (Oct-April) goes way down. I get lots of last minute bookings and tons just a week or two out. I always get a little nervous this time of year but we always end up getting booked, albeit at much lower prices.

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