Bookings for Covid 14-day quarantine?

Hello fellow hosts, I was reading an article yesterday that people are booking vis Airbnb (outside of the US) for 14-day quarantines. What do you think, do you think there will be a wave of bookings made by people self-quarantined who want to protect their families and want to stay out of their own homes during the quarantine period?

Yes, I do. What would you do if you needed to self-quarantine and needed to stay away from your family? I think many people will consider Airbnb as an option.

I’m not saying I like it, just that it will happen.

I don’t know about “a wave” but yes people will use Airbnb just as they use hotels in normal times. This will only apply to separate spaces and one would think having a kitchen would be desirable. Some here have already said there is no way they would take anyone who is self isolating. I would and would be happy to have help them with deliveries and supplies if I could. But I don’t have a kitchen in my listing.

I would be ok with hosting the self isolation stays. In another thread it was mentioned whole home stays were being blocked, which could be a problem

There is no indication to me that what the host is experiencing and reporting in that thread is anything but a glitch. I just checked Minneapolis last night and found plenty of entire places available, and I just mocked up a booking attempt at 2 competitors in our rural area and got all the way through to the payment screen without incident.

@Annet3176 Anne, it would not make sense to preclude people from booking whole home stays…what would be the logic behind it?

Should we change to 14 day maximum?? We just had a cancellation due to Covid-19, but then got another booking (@ later date)…
Should I add “pristine and sparkling clean” or “Full refunds @ 24 hours” ( is that what Flexible is?) to verbage?
Or just
“Face it baby you need to come to TIKI HIDE-AWAY, to GET-AWAY from IT”


When can drive ourselves crazy with this but I think it’s mostly out of our control now.


I had a quarantine booking. The virus dies outside the host at most a few days. Plan to not enter unit for 2 days after checkout.

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