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Bookings drop off cliff....Please, suggestions


It should be a 3 day minimum at that point. Nashville is such a big tourist destination, the longer requirement has stopped the months where every Friday and Sat is booked, but nothing else.
I first tried this last year, forgot I had set it and ended up with a full calendar in August, most bookings coming 10 to 5 days in advance.
I set the 4 day and then lower it as the time approaches.
25% of guests book just a week in advance is the information I found somewhere.

I did just find that one guest for next week failed verification. Thru Wimdu, I have 13 days this month booked, but that leaves a lot of open days.

I do know that there is a lot of competition but Abnb has told me, on occaision that while my cost was above neighbors, so was my occupancy.

Thanks for all the help.


Looking at your calendar the 12th on is available. This 13 days must be ongoing.

If you feel that what you are doing is working then don’t change it. I was just speculating on why your bookings fell off. It appears that you weren’t visible but now you are so things will pick up again. As has been posted here repeatedly it seems that if you aren’t available for a while, either because you’re booked, blocked or paused, you drop way off in search.


I noticed the 4 day min, as well as the big jump in price on the weekends. If it were me I would have moved on to the next listing seeing the pricing…

Love the cottage, it’s super cute… but a couple really small things. Not meant to criticize but just to obeserve. I’m not a fan of the two fuzzy red pillows in the main living room. They kinda look like college dorm or teenage girl pillows. Can you change them out for a slightly more adult look?

Some of the shots could be retaken so they aren’t …what’s the word… crooked? A little better focus. On my iPad they look out of focus.

In the bathroom bathtub photo, it’s kinda meh. I would pull back this shot and show more of the bathroom. Also, get yourself a rubber bathmat. I have heard this is how hotels defend themselves against slip and fall lawsuits… by demonstrating they had taken care to provide guests with grab bars AND a non slip surface for the tub.

But the main thing, I think, is your pricing and the minimum. You could always charge a small cleaning fee to make the no minimum more worth your time. These are some of the easiest turnovers I have. Two or three nighters.

Just my opinion, don’t be offended, OK, it’s a super cute place. :grinning::two_hearts:


Okay, this silly box is the first thing that pops up when you open this listing. This must be another new thing…I’m not a fan! You have to scroll by this behemoth box before you can read anything.

Why do they do this crap?!! Just giving way too much weight to guest reviews. I’m so annoyed by Airbnb lately. Ugh…



No offense taken…there is no way to take better shots of the bathroom. It is renovated but narrow. All the interior pictures were taken with a professional level camera and are not fuzzy on my screens. The outdoors I did on a decent camera but could not photoshop.

I did another private search today for days in June which are not booked and again do not exist on the map…nothing within 2 blocks is popping up and there are a half dozen or more that exist. I doubt if all are booked.

Tomorrow I am going to tweet Abnb again…I think I am falling on and off listing and it is a glitch rather than the luck of the draw.


Oh, and there is a rubber bathmat available on the shelf.


Could be a glitch… could also be one of your settings. Double check them all again. I had a glitch once - one room would ONLY show up for long term. Called Airbnb, and they worked on it for over a month. Eventually, it self-corrected. On other occasions, when I do anonymous searches to check my listings, the other room didn’t show up and I had to figure out which setting was causing it to be invisible - chalk it up to user error in those cases.

On the bright side, maybe so many of us clicking on your link will help you get views and bookings this summer! When I was on Etsy, that was one of the things that “teams” would focus on to help sellers promote their wares. People would create blocks of items to showcase in order to trigger the algorithm to move products to the top of the search lists. After reading this string, I am have a better understanding of how and why that worked.


Yeah, I’m seeing that too. The first comment on mine is that breakfast is provided, described as “rare” for the location.
Now I’ll have disappointed guests who expected gourmet cooked breakfasts, when what I provide is continental – cereal, breakfast breads, cheese, juice, milk. Grrrrrr. MORE incentive for guests not to read the listing.


How do I set my min/max price range on Price Tips? Do you mean I can tell it I don’t want to go below $99 on any night (unless I approve it, say for my $89 Winter Weekday Special)? If that’s indeed possible, that’s awesome! I just wouldn’t know what to put as max, as I get $249-299/nt for Holidays. Thanks in advance for your help!


I’m not sure I understand the question completely, but I will take a stab…What do you mean by “Price Tips”? If you are talking about the min/max slider, just choose the minimum and maximal dollar amounts you will allow and Smart Pricing takes it from there. I mostly ignore the airbnb pricing “Tips” below the slider. For example, it would have had me set at $32/night on Memorial Day weekend (I sold out priced at $85), a weekend where we have a 10K race that has over 50,000 people coming into town! Hotels and airbnb were at almost zero availability.

To set a certain rate for a certain date/dates, go to “Calendar”, click on the day or days, turn off Smart Pricing for this date(s) on the right hand column, and set your rate. This is a flat rate, I don’t know of a way to change the min/max pricing for a certain date after overriding Smart Pricing with a flat fee. I’m a newbie though, maybe someone with more experience can tell you different. Hope this helps.


I’m not sure. And I can’t tell on mine why the random number, say 3 of my last visitors say my home was “sparkling clean”. The last 6 gave 5 stars on cleanness. How does this work? I was looking at others’ ads as well and they seem to have a random number there…104 five star ratings but only 9 rated as sparkling clean? What is the algorithm behind this number??? We should all just click "unhelpful"under all the stats in this huge box! :zipper_mouth_face:


It should or might be related to recent star rankings. When you stay as a guest it gives you a box where you can check mark certain things that made a listing outstanding. The guest can skip this step. For example on my recent airbnb stay as a guest I clicked something about the host having exceptional hospitality. So perhaps if 20% of guests within the last month click the same one that’s what pops up. It’s determined by the guests from a menu determined by Airbnb? I’m guessing of course but it is based on having stayed in an airbnb recently.


The content is annoying. And the placement of the big box on valuable real estate of the listing. Isn’t this same idea communicated by the overall star rating? But no, they have to knock us over the head with more ratings crap in a big box. I’m disgusted with them.


I see. Maybe no one has filled this “outstanding” option out for me? When I go to see details of my ratings here:
https://www.airbnb.com/progress/ratings/254XXXXX It shows all star ratings for Overall, Accuracy, Cleanliness, Communication, Check in, Location, and value. And of course comments. Is this optional “What made this listing outstanding” viewable to hosts at all, does anyone know?

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