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Bookings drop off cliff....Please, suggestions


What if you have Smart Pricing set up? If you change your min/max on smart pricing I’m wondering if this would have the same result? Just curious…


I don’t know, I never use it. But since it is automatic, I would assume it won’t factor into your search ranking algorithm.


You will keep your reviews and your Superhost.

Your listing will show no reviews but there will be a message “This host has XX reviews for other listings” and the guest will be able to see those.


I don’t think smart pricing affects your ranking. I have never used it and always seem to be in top spots. I got a suggestion from Airbnb 2 days ago to use smart pricing. It would cut my price in half! No thank you.


I dislike playing games with prices…when I see neighbors offering their places for under $100 when the real price turns out to be double that I wonder what kind of fool are they looking for…not very professional nor a good start to a hosting relationship. Possibly effective, but not for me.


My local Marriot has taken its low season price of $245 to $200 for a completely nonrefundable reservation…BUT they have added a $35/day parking charge…valet or self park. A complete scam.


I not only dislike it but I also don’t have the time for all these shenanigans - all these little ‘tricks’ and games There’s absolutely no reason why they should work and they take up time that could be used to promote your listing in a more efficient way…


Well you asked for things to help and that’s all I got.

I don’t think it’s a game per se. You just change them up or down by a buck to trigger the algorithm into acknowledging you are active. It works I can verify, but as I said, that’s all I got and since your bookings are off the cliff, why not try it?


I actually have it on good authority that they work. It’s literally two to three seconds. Which is less time than I spent typing this.


Then it’s great advice for hosts. Which is what we want. :slight_smile:


Thanks @konacoconutz
I have fooled with my prices, lowering them a bit over the next 2 months. I try to fiddle with my listing at least once a week.
So far, no joy.
O well, I can always go back to long term rental.


So, to be clear, you have zero bookings for June and July even though you were fully booked the 3 month prior? Or is June booked up from another platform and therefore blocked on your calendar? @AJmartin1


Do it every day to see a difference.


Just did an anonymous search and I am not even there on the map. Even when I zoom to my exact block. Wtf!?!


That would explain no bookings. Are you getting views?


Okay something is off. PM your listing to a few of us here and we can check for you.


Airbnb is now showing a two month calendar with the prices of every night. I like it as a guest, I don’t know if I like it as a host.


I couldnt figure out the private message, but here is my listing:


Thanks for any help.


Oh, dat flexible check in , in combination with a 12PM check out will sooner or later cause you trouble!

At one point there will be guests turning up to check in before the previous checked out, or before you were able to clean.


I did find you doing an incognito search for June 20-24. I didn’t put in number of guests or any other filter.

The first thing that struck me was the 4 night minimum. If that is standard, then go for it but I can tell you the local Marriot to which you compared yourself doesn’t have a 4 night minimum.

There are 642 superhosts in Nashville where I can stay 2 nights Jun 20-22. Zooming into the quadrant area southwest of downtown with Vanderbilt and Belmont Mansion kind of in the center there are 88 Superhosts who allow a 2 night stay. 75 of those have instant book enabled. The competition is insane there with hundreds of hosts with hundreds of listings that have hundreds of 5 star ratings.

So as for why bookings dropped off…did you change from 2 night minimum to 4 night? Did you raise your price? Maybe lower your minimum stay and see if you get any bookings. Get a few bookings and then change it back?

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