Booking with a repeat guest before they have reviewed you

We had a guest stay with us last night and now she is trying to book another day next week. However, she hasn’t reviewed us yet. (We have reviewed her). Is there any downside or things to be aware of in this situation?

I don’t have a problem with this at all. I’ve often had guests who have booked for ‘next time’ during their stay. I’ve got a handful who come every year for a special event who book for the next year during their stay.

It works for them and locks in the price.

I’m assuming that the place was left in good shape?

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Yes, it was left in good shape and they received a good review from us. Our only concern is we haven’t seen the review yet and don’t want to host anyone if we know we will be getting a bad review. You would think the desire to return would indicate a positive experience and therefore a positive review, but that hasn’t always been our experience. WE had one guest in the past who had a great trip, booked to return but left us a 4 star overall rating. (in spite of 5 stars in every individual category) No one needs any unnecessary 4 star reviews!

How about you simply ask her to leave a review before she books again?


That’s a good idea - maybe something along the lines of, “we do not re-book a guest until the review process is completed.” ??


Or, I left you a five star review and I need you to review me as well before you book again. With fewer bookings lately every review is very important to our business, we need to rack up the stars to compete.