Booking two Airbnb's at a time?

I’ve booked an Airbnb for a month. But during my stay, I’m going to briefly visit an area away from this Airbnb, so the question is:
can I book another Airbnb while still having my “main” booking…? Will there be any trouble? I wonder if it’s going to be ok for the host(s)? Or is there by any chance the risk of my main Airbnb suddenly cancelling or something…?
Thanks in advance!

No, you can’t do this, at least not through Air, since your calendar will be blocked. You could do it through other platforms like wimdu or trip advisor through.

yes, I’m pretty sure you can do this as a guest – we’ve heard of people having simultaneous bookings. You will not get your service fees back, however, if you do a cancellation and have a another booking with overlapping dates.

I thought he was asking if he could book another place without cancelling the first one. I am pretty sure he can’t? Then he would have to rebook the original place and pay the fees again??

Yes, i think he wants to have 2 bookings at the same time (or at least with some overlapping dates) which is allowed by the system. There are brides, for instance, who have booked multiple units for various groups during the same period and it seems to be fine. From the guest side, all the places are just listed under “your trips” – there’s no calendar on the guest side.

Amazing. So he can keep the current reservation and book another with overlapping dates and he won’t get the “not possible” message?

Yes, and in many cases this would seem contrary to the AirBNB policy of “no 3rd party bookings”. The OP sounds like he wants to do something completely legitimate, but in the case of brides and wedding parties, the system was allowing them to make multiple reservations for the exact same dates. Unless AIR changed their policy recently, this is something that the system allows.

He should just try to book WITHOUT cancelling his present one, for the reasons mentioned… and see if it works!

What I’d do is first contact the host to let him / her know that you’ll be disappearing for a few days. Many of we hosts here have had guests who haven’t come home overnight and we worry! It’s only polite to let your host know.

Then, to be sure, I’d call Airbnb so that they understand the situation, and the reason for the ‘double booking’.

I have a booking in June, so I tried this for another thread along these lines. The system let me [almost - I didn’t hit the confirm button] book identical dates with another host. The only message that came up was that I would not get my service fee back if I cancelled either or both bookings. I did not get that message when I tried to book dates within the window - say, starting a day later and checking out the same day.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!
Yeah, I want to have two Airbnb bookings at the same time (for a few days), and I absolutely do NOT want to cancel my main booking. That’s my biggest concern…
Also, I’ll have my “own” apartment for the longer stay, so I don’t think it would make any difference if I let my host know… Although, maybe it would be recommended…?

Your host can’t see if you’ve made a booking anywhere else. They don’t get a notification saying : warning warning guest 2034 has just booked somewhere else with x dates.

Classic overthinking tbh.

When you check in tell your host you might visit a few other places with overnight stays; telling them means that they won’t worry you’re missing or that you’ve been involved in an accident.

Yes and it means guests could reserve multiple places and then cancel the one they decide against later. Especially since Airbnb is pushing for everyone to relax their cancellation polcies.

Exactly @Arlene_Larsson. It’s now very easy for guests to hedge their bets. I just had a cancellation for a guest arriving in 5 days (so just the right side of my moderate policy) who said she’s found somewhere cheaper to stay.

In a market like mine I can’t afford that to keep happening as guests can hop around completely penalty free. There are new listings daily that are so cheap I can’t believe it’s possible. I found a listing for two in London for £18 total the other day.

Since I’m at the budget end I am also dealing with guests that are very price sensitive. I’ve now changed my policy to strict. You can have the cheap price if you want it but you’re going to have to commit.

Stop looking at the competition! That used to drive me bonkers until I just told myself, NO. NO more. I think you should raise your rates!! Competition or not. Raise your rates and offer less! People will still book! Your place is cute. Raising it will help you get a better class of client, in theory. The cheapskates can stay in the £18 place.


Yes, you can book another Airbnb while you have an active reservation somewhere else. When you try to book, Airbnb will warn you that you have already a confirmed reservation somewhere else and if you are sure to book 2nd home.

It won’t have any effect on your previous main booking.

Have fun!

Besides that, I’m sorry to hear that new cancellation strategy of Airbnb disappoints hosts like us. One of the reason I focus on Airbnb for my reservations was very very low cancellation rate with Airbnb.

If Airbnb tries to be like about cancellation policies, this is not something we want. Because we are not hotels with 30+ rooms.

@bto123 Sure you can. I just had a guest who booked both of my apartments at the same time (for the same duration), one for his parents and one for him and his brother. They were travelling together. Definitely you can book as many Airbnb stays as you want. Airbnb will collect the fee so they’re happy too.