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Booking time cut short


So I had this guest, who checked in last week on Saturday, with a booking that was supposed to last one week. However, on Tuesday he suddenly sent a request to cut short his booking, allowing him to leave on Wednesday.

I understand I could have declined his request, but I did in fact accept it. This was the first time something like this happened in almost six years of being an Airbnb host.

Anyway, he duly moved out on Wednesday morning, and I got this message from Airbnb telling me that payout had been adjusted, to € 43 less than what had been the original payout. However, the total sum had, of course, already been sent to my account, one day after check-in. Which means I now “owe” Airbnb € 43.

Fair enough. However, I did get another booking on Wednesday, so usually, on Thursday, a message would have been sent out by Airbnb, specifying the payment for this new booking. Of course, booking value was less than € 43, which means I didn’t expect any payment. However, I did expect a message telling me that part of my debt to Airbnb has now been offset by the new booking. This message never arrived.

Has anyone had this experience before? Is this a glitch in the Airbnb IT?


I had the same situation, where i ended up owing them money after a guest cut short his 3 week stay. I didnt get another payout until I was back in credit: it took another 3 bookings, and they didnt send any messages for the 2 interim bookings


Thanks for confirming. This is simply unbelievable behaviour by Airbnb. I regard this as very bad customer service.

With rival company Wimdu about to shut down, soon, I am actually contemplating taking over the running of Wimdu, myself, and providing a really good alternative to Airbnb.


I ran into this on just my second booking. I told the guest I’d like to help, but the cost is entirely on me as it wasn’t possible to fill the dates at the last minute. I asked if he was amenable to a smaller refund by amending his checkout dates later. He agreed but eventually changed his plans so he could stay the whole period. I got a fantastic review at the end. I count myself lucky!


I’ve given refunds and the next payment is reduced, no message or notification.


I would delighted to move away from ABB, if you know of any reasonable alternatives I’m in!


Ahhh is that why I have only ever had one booking with them? The system is clunky.

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