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Booking Sites To List?

So, we are considering VRBO, Booking.com, Expedia.com, WIMDU, etc., for the 2017 season. Thoughts? We’re not adverse to paying a percentage. One must spend money to make money. Are there other listing sites hosts would recommend as well? We are increasing our units and want maximum exposure. We are on AirBNB, FlipKey, Facebook, Glamping.Com, GlampingHub.Com, our own website, local and state tourism websites.

You can list Vacationhosting.Com

at http://vacationhosting.com

@Johnny Are you affiliated with them?

There’s a new site that’s in Beta called innclusive.com that’s free to list on and has a similar fee structure to AirBnB. The bugs are being worked on, but right now I’m the only place in my area. It was built due to the whole #airbnbwhileblack cause.

It’s seems that booking.com and expedia are getting the most impact.

We are using booking.com and get half of clients from it, we are considering to add expedia next year.

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I’ve only had luck with AirBnB and VRBO, Trip advisor seems to be mostly fake requests. Maybe I should try booking.com too?

I read about this and sounds like a good concept. Are you getting any bookings? Do you know what protection is in place for funds they hold on behave of hosts?

Hmm, we have agoda. They charge an extortionate 20% margin but it’s gaining popularity in my area.

Thank you all for the responses.

I don’t know. You can always go to the website and chat with the reps. They are very quick and always will have live chat available! :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten any bookings yet, but we’ll see what happens when people start traveling again!

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Hi I have set up a new site that is the in the same mould as Airbnb but allows you to list your properties as a film location.

It’s early days yet but people who have signed up tell me it’s easy to use and take minutes. Also it’s free to register a location etc.

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