Booking requests

I’ve been a host for nearly two years and have always had Instant Bookings with two days notice. Last week I received a booking for the same day and I was just on my way out to a function. It took three calls to Airbnb to explain that I’ve always had 2 days notice. They insisted that I can’t have Instant Bookings so have taken it off and now it’s request to book. So today I’ve just received a request for tonight so even with a two day request for a booking its not working. I feel bad saying no to a guest and this is why I have a two day notice.

Did you personally set the Two Day Notice after Airbnb “took off the IB”??? Check to see what settings are actually there.

Of course you can set two days notice and have IB. I have been doing that for nearly two years.

There is a fault on Airbnb that they are failing to fix. I have had to get them to cancel five bookings because their software glitch over-rode dates I had blocked out and made booking on them.

The customer service rep doesn’t know what they are talking about.

You don’t have to say no to the guest. I message them to say that Airbnb has unfortunately got technical glitches leading to them accepting bookings on dates that aren’t available and that Airbnb will be in touch to cancel.

Thank you. That’s what I thought. I can’t get the UK no it goes straight to overseas and they get confused in the call centre.

When I checked the first time the two day notice was unticked although I hadn’t changed it. So I then reinstated the two days. Ive checked again today and it’s still 2 days but I still got a request for today an hour ago