Booking request vs. inquiry

Does anyone know what the penalty to guests is if they book and immediately cancel? I find that ppl think they are sending an inquiry but it is a booking request. When I then point out the negatives (on third floor - no air con) and they decide its not a good fit they find the booking has gone through and they have to cancel. I mention the negatives in the listing, but of course they often don’t read that. I am referring here to a booking months out (July 17)

They would still pay Airbnb guest fee (until Air implements the new cancellation policy they are test driving in Italy).
If you reply to their request with a message, they would be able to cancel their request without paying the fee and it would not hurt your response time or response rate.

Why don’t you include this in your description to ensure that those with the best fit inquire about your place.

I have a repeat business traveller guest who is very nice but just didn’t think it through before booking with me recently. After we had finalized her trip, she realized that she was going to be working at a different location and it wan’t near my house. I called the help line and was told that she would need to make her own call but that the fees do transfer.

It is very clear if they read the listing, but as we all know many do not.

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Mea Culpa, Mea culpa :frowning: :slight_smile:

My writing skills must be sadly lacking!

Considering caps lock here!
Its interesting. Our century home is very high…3 stories and has no central air…but lots of fans, and its Canada.(heat is not usually an issue!)
We are in the capital and there is big hoopla planned for July 1, 2017, (150th anniv of Confederation) huge demand for rooms. So I have had about 5 booking requests for July. In each case I have spelled out the two disadvantages above to prospective guests. Four have cancelled and expressed appreciation for my pointing that out. Its in the listing!! This past summer was our first year and EVERY review - including 5 star ones mentioned either the lack of central air or the fact that there were stairs.Its in the reviews!
You are right, people can’t or won’t read!

Think I’ve just about managed to do that @Robert_Dudley - just had a long tiring day at work so didn’t read as thoroughly as I could have done. Have already apologised to Martha above :frowning:

That’s a good suggestion, but the fact is that people often don’t read the full description. When I get a request I always reiterate the main points in the description. I want guests to be fully aware of: shared space, no AC, one person only, street parking, no extensive cooking. More than once I’ve averted some problems by doing this.

Sometimes I get requests for the wrong ISLAND. Not only did they not read the first four words of my listing, but they didn’t even read the bloody title and …they meant to book another island!!! I always refund them because I feel so sorry for them, and have been there once myself stupidly booking a hotel in Tokyo that was 1/2 hour further than we wanted to be. Doesn’t sound bad except that that means it was an hour extra train travel round trip and longer Suica charges. Trains are expensive in Japan. Arrrghhhhh. Once it was done it couldn’t be undone.

I’m always really sorry that the guest has to pay the Air fees when they do a stupid like that. :frowning:

So in reiterating that rooms are on third floor and no central air in message to those who made reservation requests, 3 guests cancelled. One has now written to me asking me to intervene because she did not get a full refund. Of course, Air did not refund their fee. I guess the other two will also be irritated with me too!!

Twitter is a good way to reach them. They have taken it off my agenda and will contact the guest.