Booking not knowing number of guests


I want to book a large place that have a price per guests but I don’t know yet how many we will be.
Is it better to book for a lower amount of guests and make a change with the resolution center as soon as we know how many we will be in total?

Not possible for us to wait to book the place as it will be risk that it s already booked

Hi @sylvainbg,

I’d bring up the matter with the host, and ask him/her what he/she thinks. I imagine an adjustment either way should be possible. At a minimum, the host will probably appreciate being given advance notice that the number of eventual guests will be different from the number of initially booked guests.

Start with and Inquiry – host to host – and see what the host says s/he would prefer that you do

Yes I done this way.

As my old mum would have said ‘Do as you would be done by.’ As a host, how would you like guests to approach this? It’s often a good idea to put yourself in your guests’ shoes.

I would prefer the guests to say ’ three of us will be staying for the full week but we may be having two other people join us. Of course we’re happy to pay for the extra guests but would like to book as soon as possible. How would you like to handle this?’

Well I just remember that we booked the host place 4 years ago and it went perfect so I just explained quickly, it was no problem with the host and the booking is done.

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