Booking Multiple Listings at Once (Tokyo)


I am not an AirBnB host, but I thought this forum might provide me some answers.

I am working with a small study abroad program, and I need to do something that the AirBnB site is not equipped to do. I need to book multiple properties at once for the same time period. We have two staff and three graduate students traveling to Tokyo. I’d like to find three apartments within close proximity (i.e the same neighborhood) to accommodate them all.

Unfortunately simply booking one large house is not an option. If I cannot find multiple apartments, we will have to book with a hotel. A hotel would not be a bad choice, but it would cramp the program budget.

Is there any way to do this, either through AirBnB or by contacting a host with multiple listings directly? Are there any hosts here who have, or know of multiple listings in Tokyo I could obtain?

You can set the study abroad programme up as a business partner

Or look for a host with multiple properties perhaps in the same block. You can do this by searching the dates for availability and see which hosts show as having multiple listings.

You can use the booking inquiry function to contact hosts directly before booking.

As you say we are a forum for hosts, so for further information on how Airbnb works have a look at it’s Help Centre or give them a call.

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