Booking length!

As a standard I have a 4 nights minimum pr booking.
Is it possible, if im away a weekend to change the minimum stay to 2 nights, but only for that weekend or will it affect all other available dates?

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

Thank you

Yes, you can create a rule-set and apply it only to those specific dates.



Hi John

Thx for answering!
Is the 3. step it says.

  1. Go to your [Multi-calendar]
  2. Select the dates you’d like to apply a rule-set to
  3. In the panel, select the rules
  4. Click Create a new rule-set

I dont see any panel, where i can select rules?

Select a date then look to the right hand side of the page, just above “Private note” there should be an option “Rule-sets”.

Maybe you need the multicalendar enabled, if so: