Booking in Beijing and asking for all guest passport details?


This question is more towards to people who have recently booked via Air BnB in Beijing.

My family and I are planning to stay in Beijing for 4 nights. There are 6 of us in total.

I have found the perfect apartment for all of us, so I proceeded with the booking, however, it is asking for all 6 of our passport details. Has anyone come across this? Is there a way to just give my details and not the other guest. As I do not want to be responsible or accountable if ALL their passport details were in the wrong hands or being misused.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The host will be required to register you with the local police (as a hotel would). This is actually a requirement in a lot of countries however it’s often ignored. China is not the place to ignore such things :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply back N860CR
Have you done it before then?

Not in China, but im Dubai - same topic:

As a host, I have to upload passport scans of the guests to the Tourism Department. Not a problem at all, guests send them in advance, nobody has ever asked or complained about it.

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Whenever we checked into a hotel or apartment in China we were required to submit our passports. I imagine they are just getting it set in advance to avoid problems once you arrive.

have a great trip!

We will have to do it in Malaga next season, AND forward the details to the police for every guest over the age of 16. Are you able to supply the details when you arrive or must it be done when you book?

All hotels in Tokyo asked for our passports. It was a good thing at our hotel in Tachikawa , because that is how we realized my son and I mixed up our passports, which would have been a mega disaster as he lives in Japan while his brother and I went back to Korea. The hotel didn’t notice that the boy on the passport was not the one standing with me. (They are twins and his passport was back at his dorm room.) lesson… Everyone carry your own passport!!!

Hi Malagachica, I had to supply the info before I could even book the apartment

Thank you to everyone who has taken their time to reply back to me. I feel a little bit better now knowing that it is quite standard to do this procedure to do when you’re travelling.

I only asked cause I’ve travelled to France, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland, most of Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and not once have the hotel or apartment host asked me for my passport details and supply it online. I only needed to supply that information when I actually got to the hotel or apartment.