Booking from user acting as travel agency

I had an instant booking reservation from a guest who seems to be acting as a travel agency. The guest has made a reservation on behalf of his “friends”. Looking at his reviews he seems to do this a lot gets mostly positive feedback. However, as there are obvious trust issues I feel uncomfortable. I contacted Airbnb yesterday but as yet they have not responded.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?

I don’t allow instant book and I ALWAYS insist anyone making inquiries for someone else have them sign up. I believe your host protection is affected by someone other than a member staying.

From what I understand, this is considered a 3rd party rental and Airbnb will allow you to cancel without penalty if you’re not comfortable with it.

I had an agency looking to house various consultants who work M-F in the city. It seemed “legitimate” but I did not want to deal with mis-matched expectations in case a consultant was unfamiliar with the AirBNB concept. I’m not a business hotel (which I consider a big plus) but a business traveler might not see it that way.

Anyway, you have no way of screening your guests this way (I could at least assume my guests would be employed professionals) and unless you’re desperate for bookings, I’d turn it down and wait for another res.

Thanks for
the replies. You are both correct, bookings made by a third party invalidate
the host protection and are, in theory not, subject to cancellation penalties.
However, in practice Airbnb encourage one of the guests to sign up and verify
an account in order that the booking can be transferred to someone who is
actually staying. This is what happened in my case; fortunately the guests seem
really nice.

Airbnb did not respond to my email. However, after phoning, the problem was
solved with little fuss.

Thanks again
for your comments.

I would never EVER accept a request from someone acting as an agent for someone else. Part of the point of a verified profile is that you know whom you are inviting into your home. Just one more reason not to use instant book.