Booking for today for 2-3 weeks

Hi all. Just got a request from Keith for a room from today till the 31st of July. Working up in Dublin till his visa arrives for Australia. I’ve been charging €100 a night. What should I charge for 20 nights? Is this normal to get requests so soon to someone needing room?

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I don’t discount so I would just charge my normal rate. Has he any reviews?

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No. Only joined July 16. I’ve asked him to send me a photo of his passport or driving licence which he said he has. Haven’t got it yet. I’m such a detective that I should be ok checking him out on social media etc to see what he’s about. Live on my own so would just be a bit cautious. Y

Require verification from Airbnb. Then they must be verified by several means before they can even request a booking and it also requires a photo in their profile. You should be careful, especially with new members.

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Thanks very much. Yep a bit cautious. I’ll contact Airbnb and see if they can help.

I love your listing. My husband and I love Dublin. We were there in Sep 2013
And stayed near the canal and had a wonderful time. It was during the gathering. I have saved your listing to my wish list!

I don’t think you need to call Airbnb, just set your requirements in your listing. Three weeks is a long visit.
Keep us posted!

Thanks very much.
It says on his profile he’s verified by email. Wonder why I can’t access it then. He hasn’t messaged for 30 mins so maybe he’s gotten somewhere. Would be nice money all the same for 20 days.

About 50% of our guests are “long termers” - the maximum was a traveling nurse who stayed with us 3 months. I offer 25% discount for long termers letting them know that they are responsible for cleaning their bedroom/bathroom, etc - ie, no maid service. We book one week first with them to see how we all get along. If everyone is happy, then we book month by month. So far, so good. At present, we have a young couple staying with us for six more weeks (been here for three so far). Oh, also - most of our inquiries are just a few days before they need a place. I think that’s because AIRBNB is still somewhat new and a friend or someone told them about it after they looked into long term bookings at motels. Good luck to you!

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Thanks Teafish. A week by week is a good way to go with him I think. He hasn’t been back in touch as he cant send me ID. Could be a total lunatic or a genuine guy. Just no way to tell.

An email verification is nothing. Air won’t give you the email even if they book, it’s forwarded through their system. You will get their phone number once a reservation is made.

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At the very least, ask him his facebook name - that’s a great way to check people out. I always give my facebook information to women who book with us - to let them know we are a safe place to stay. We are doing week-by-week with our new couple because they are sure when his job will take him to another place. The hard part of that is that you have to block the total dates they request to stay and then unblock on a weekly basis. For sure with young men, be sure he knows the rules of cleaning after himself - you might want to update your profile about “guidelines for long term stays.” Glad I could help. Hope he’s not a weirdo! Tea


I would not send my ID to a host. I would just move along to another listing. All verifications should be through Airbnb, they keep emails hidden from hosts if it’s only inquiry to prevent bookings not through them.
You charge 100$ for private room? Wow, good for you!
Was he asking about discount? I give set price for a week, month . Not percentage.

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We get these types of inquires ALL THE TIME. It’s to the point I no longer take them seriously, unless they Instant Book or submit a reservation (where you get the accept/decline not pre-approve). We did have one last minute 4 week booking work out, this person was visiting SF with with family from Stockholm, and booked a ‘scam’ apartment via Craigslist. He wrote us a very heartfelt email and gave us every detail of information possible. He also, bc of the previous scam, asked to see the flat. I allowed this with the cavet that he book first, and if he doesn’t like the flat we will waive the fees etc. Everything worked out great.

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Yes. €100 for a private room. I understand that he may not want to send ID but I thought it would be the best way to see if he was serious or not. I would have given him a discount. Glad he didn’t book tbh. Thanks Yana.

How can you check someones listing? Dublin is great. Did u travel around ireland? X

No idea how to check his listings. He’s obviously got sorted now so Ill leave him off.

If u cant see anything, dont risk it. People can tell u are newbie because no reviews. Just got a month one on homestay. They take a bigger cut but money in your hand, which is handy

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Hi @TeaFish,

Is your listing advertised on other sites besides Aribnb? I have read of several hosts who have long term traveling nurses staying with them. I would love to host a traveling nurse, but I have no idea how to connect with them.

Hi, Chloe, I only advertise on Airbnb. I would love to host more traveling nurses and wondered if they were some traveling nurse forum we could chime in on???

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