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Booking for large mansion

Hi everyone, I have a guest who wants to book for 20-30 people , he says it’s a get together for family and friends.
And only 12 people will be sleeping.
I don’t normally charge for 12 people.
I have told him he will need to pay an extra $250 cleaning fee on top of the already $250 cleaning fee.
So the booking comes to $1500 plus $250
What do you guys think? He will also have to pay $1000 security deposit
I’ve never had that amount of people staying am I asking for trouble and is it stupid I’m not at all charging him for the extra 20-30 people?
Thanks in advance

You are asking for trouble! Yes, you can assume that at least 30 will be staying. Maybe more. By telling you only 12, he’s trying to sweet talk you and assuage your fears and doubts. Guaranteed…Your house WILL Be used for a big blow out. Probably a lot of drinking and damage. I think a couple of grand could not begin to compensate you for what that many partying folks could do to your house. :frowning:


I’ve just been dealing with the same thing. They wanted to book our home for a week for a family reunion and have 20 people stay (which it will hold) but also to book another similar place and have everyone gather at our home during meal times - 38 people in total!

Even after plainly stating that 20 was the maximum, with no visitors allowed, he didn’t seem to get it that they couldn’t have visitors. So I turned down a very lucrative booking but lots of potential stress and said that it is just too hard on our house.

We also get a few inquiries each year for people wanting to host “small-simple” weddings at our home, always pushing the limits around the number of people they expect to have. It’s way too much headache in the end.

As @konacoconutz said, the damage could be WAY higher than what you’re charging.
So “no” and direct him to a place that is more suitable, like a resort. You’ll be glad you did.

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What did you decide to do?

If it’s not something that your property can accommodate or that you have dealt with before it does sound like it could be a huge headache for you.

Hi guys at this point I have approved it and will speak to the guest and make my expectations very clear.
I realise I could be in for some trouble here but I’m also new to this and I want to give a larger group a go and see how bad the damage is. I realise every group is different to be honest I’m going on my gut I think it will be ok! I will let you know how it all ends

There are some hosts who do cater to this exact type of crowd. Maybe one of them will chime in to say what their extra requirements are before allowing the event.

For me…no I won’t touch it. If I ever were to touch anything like that, there would have to be A LOT of grandparents in charge of the event…lol.

I wish you luck. I hope you got a security deposit.

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