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Booking expired because host doesn't know how to confirm


Hello, I’m not currently a host, I’m making an inquiry here on behalf of a host.
This host had a potential booking expire because he doesn’t know the specific procedure for accepting/confirming the booking. I take this to mean that he doesn’t know where to go on the site to click on the appropriate button.

The guy is genuinely concerned and has written to the potential guest explaining the situation.

I’m the potential guest in question.

Kind regards,

Geoff Mills


You can point him to the docs on AirBnb’s site since they have a whole section on hosts and accepting reservations.


Thanks I did have a look around the Aibnb site but didn’t see anything answering this hosts specific question. The “Responding to Requests” section on the page linked below, more or less says you respond to requests by responding to requests, which is absolutely undeniable.


I would highly recommend booking with a different host. The fact that he’s struggling with the AirBnB software (which is pretty user friendly) is concerning enough. But he’s relying on a potential guest (i.e., you) to do his research for him and play tech support? Uh… nor only is it bad customer service, it’s just weird. And in this business weird usually leads to bad things. If he can’t figure out the booking process I’d be concerned about his understanding of the far more nuanced and complex aspects of good hosting.


Gahh, this is a basic of the process… He really needs to get a more sophisticated level of usage than this fairly fast! Tell him to write back to the guest and have them make another reservation. There was a glitch and he wasn’t able to answer in time but wants to take the booking. Hope he didn’t lose it.

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