Preferred Partner Programme

Does someones is using the Preferred Partner Programme of

I can join it but don’t know if it’s worth the 3% extra fees

I joined it today. Hoping for any kind of bump in bookings. I received a booking a few hours later… maybe a coincidence seeing as it’s a last minute booking over Christmas. I bump my prices up enough so that I still get the amount I would get anyway using Airbnb.
Did you end up joining?

I did it tried for some months and get i think results but I stopped it as I want to try to get more direct bookings

I have been offered the same thing BUT they want me to offer a 10% discount and then their 15% fee…25% off the top - not really keen

Oh wow! If they suggest I do that then I would just leave the program lol

I never had to have an extra 10% rabatt. The only difference was the commission at 18% when I was in the program. I am paying the taxes on the gross amount and not deducting the commission to booking so it’s costing quite much booking compared to other channel manager .