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Booking.com Pre autorisation of cards


We are also using booking.com and after a few no show, we had put 5 days no refundable policy and clients have to put the credit card details on the website.

I am able with Stripe to put a new payment online but I am only using it to check for a very small amount if the card is correct

as anyone an idea in order to make a pre autorization 5 days before the client is coming? so I will be blocking the money and be sure to be paid even if the client is not coming.

Booking.com is really *** but it’s give a lot of booking but I prefere to be paid than getting many no show (5 clients in beginning, 4 no show)

Anyone that is using booking.com that have some tips?

I only just saw booking.com’s offering today and i’m still trying to figure it out. i was fairly certain i understood it correctly that i’d have to process the payments myself, right? interesting. i’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts as well. i’ve been thinking that i’m going to have a very strict cancellation policy on there.

Yes you have to do yourself.

Plus you can’t have in the beginning non refundable policy, and we had many no show clients in the beginning.

Anyone that have been using booking.com and have advice to do pre autorize of cards?

I have the solution to try to take all amount 5 days before the client is coming (5 days before all it’s no refundable) but it’s seems quite rude to charge before the client is coming .

Tips on booking.com? Yes: stop using them.

Booking.com com has only given me headaches. They are very guest biased, no flexibility, and no service.

Almost every host I know stopped using booking.com, they switched to Tiscover, Wimdu and AirBnB.

I agree but it’s usefull to fill my low season…

My property rules on booking states that guests must pay full price in advance as soon as they booked otherwise booking will be canceled within 24 hours. ( I have one room per listing if it’s matters). When I receive new booking I charge a card right away . If it’s declined or some details missing I contact customer support and guest . If there is no payment I cancel right away

Booking is already hard to deal with and if you hesitate to take your payment because it’s “rude” may be you shouldn’t use this platform .


Thanks for the advice

I also had pretty good amount of fake bookings so I prefer to know right away if it is a real guest and don’t keep my calendar blocked . Best way to figure it out is to charge full amount right away. I never had complaints from guests about it, sometimes people even send their card information through the message system

I have much less fakes booking since clients must put card details and CVC number.
Booking.com that I can’t do pre payment for clients as I am new (I guess I have to wait a little before I can start to take directly full amount)

Edit. what do you do if it’s a last minute booking (less than 24 hours before client should come)and it’s not working to take full amount?

Fake bookings:, I mean fake name , address, phone number, email and fake credit card number and cvc . I don’t know is it only me who experiencing this kind of issues. I contacted their customer support multiple times about it but they told me that those booking were made from different ip addresses and they can do nothing about it. It s very annoying

If it s last minute booking I call a guest right away and tell them that they must pay when they arrive (cash or credit I don’t care). And charged when I let them check in

I also always contact customer support and make them call and email my guest and inform them about my property rules and polices. So people know it’s all official :))

Did you saw that booking is starting to collect payments from guests and transfering to hosts (and they say no fees on it) ?
It’s only for hosts that have no credit cards and no refundable fees at the moment. I am sure they had many complains regarding fake bookings

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