, need advice!

Sorry guys, I just need help. We put our cottage also on A guest from USA, due to arrive in September, is not allowed to enter Iceland so he sent us a rude and threatening message. Like, “you better pay me back or reschedule or else…” I told him our cancellation policy clearly stated he would get refunded and don’t book with us, we don’t want you.
Now he wants to reschedule in August next year. The cottage is not open on Booking during summer, I don’t know our situation next year and most of all, I don’t want this rude threatening man in my accommodation! offers no help. I can’t contact anyone. Is someone here also on Booking and can advice?

Has he actually been refunded for his original stay?

That’s odd, other than the finance department, who are difficult to get a hold of, we have no issues speaking to anyone at BDC by phone and messages are answered promptly.

Have you used the “contact” facility within the extranet?


Is it on my site or the just the Booking site? I can’t find the contact facility :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But I am looking now…
No he has not been refunded since he hasn’t cancelled yet.

It’s under “Inbox”. Select “ Messages”.

If a guest wants to cancel a reservation due to the inability to travel then there are policies in place. Maybe you should read the help section on the extranet. I can’t link to it as they are only visible when logged in.

Simply tell him the property is unavailable therefore he should cancel.

It’s important to let us know about any cancellation requests you receive from guests, so you’re not charged commission for these bookings.

If a guest wants to cancel a reservation, it’s easy to for you to request this on the Pulse app. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘[Bookings] tab on Pulse.
  2. Tap on the relevant guest name or reservation number.
  3. Tap ’ Request to cancel a reservation’ on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Both you and the guest will receive a confirmation email that the reservation has been cancelled.



CAVEAT: I have no experience with

If this statement is true, just have him process the refund; Advise him that you will support a refund if contacts you to confirm. BUT have HIM go through the gyrations of contacting

Secondly, I suggest that you not make more problems for yourself by stooping to his level of rudeness.

You should just say that you support the refund and that at this time you’re not accepting bookings for next summer. Then if/when you open your calendar, do not accept bookings (from him) and/or block him from doing so.

Lastly, you should know better than to accept booking from Americans! :wink:


He doesn’t even have to, hosts have had capability to do it for about three months now, it is easy peasy.

I think the OP needs to familiarise themselves with how the platform they are advertising on operates. It is very different to Airbnb, fortunately!


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Yes, I agree about learning the platform. The info is there. I’ve seen posts today with questions that could be answered by taking the time to read the Help section.
Cuts a nerve because that’s just what my sister does- easier to ask than read and learn. I’ve cut her off, btw, and said “read”…lol!