:: Changes to Genius Program

I know a fair few folks here use BDC, but no idea how many of you are members of the Genius program. We are, and so far it’s been successful in bringing good quality guests.

Currently, as a guest, you have to have completed at least two stays within two years to qualify for Genius level one, but from the end of March (this year) all BDC guests will automatically be Genius level one as soon as they create their account.

In addition, they are creating a new level three classification, for guests that have fifteen or more stays within two years.

The way I’m reading all this is that essentially all BDC guests will be eligible for the standard Genius discount, irrespective of number of stays. And as a result, the Standard Rate will pretty much be discounted for all guests.

Any other Genius members got any thoughts on this?


Just putting my prices up now. If everyone gets a discount, there is no point in my current pricing with them. Their marketing always comes across as discounts and free cancellations

Free cancellations is what works just now, in Europe.

If I do increase prices, I’ll wait till the end of the month. I’m not sure if I will though, we haven’t had a non Genius booking since March 2020, so I’m undecided.