Booking.Com Calendar sync not working to Airbnb

Please double-check your calendar Sync! I found that today that it is not working.

I double checked everything, and it was all setup perfectly, yet even a manual sync is not working tonight. Dates blocked off on BDC are not sync’ing to Airbnb.

It’s a well known fact that iCal synchs between all OTA’s are notiously unreliable. If it’s a concern, spend the money and use a channel manager with XML connections, via the relevant API’s.


It isn’t a concern. We have the one listing and just deleted it from

BDC is totally useless for us. One booking total in 5 months, regardless of promotions, discounts or increased commissions to BDC. Setup took hours and was vastly more complex than all other platforms. A waste of time.

Even their documented procedure to delete a property is completely wrong. I actually had to call those idiots to actually get it done.

Why bother posting then.



We initially posted when we found the big “no sync” problem. It had worked fine for nearly 5 months. When it could not be resolved, we killed the listing.