What is the best option if I want to offer breakfast as extra for and other platforms?

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As an extra charge?

It would be helpful to describe your rental setup and the number of guests, etc.

Our place can host between 1 to 8 guests. Some guests would like a breakfast but it s the minority. I think in you can set the breakfast as service that cost X per person and if i am right it s no commission on it.

Oh…that is cool. So is it optional for the guest to select? Or do you have to choose to include it for all guests or zero guests?

So what kind of setup is it? 1- 8 in separate rooms or are they renting out a whole house? I wouldn’t be able to replenish breakfast items in a whole house as the guests would not want me to enter during their stay.

What kind of food would your travelers expect to eat? My guests are mostly all from the same country (U.S.). - so it would be easy for me to please most everyone.

Yes i think to make it optional. It s a whole house. I will put the items the evening when they are there. I have guests from many different place so i will keep like continental with a swedish touch

Will you be able to fill the fridge for the entire stay without the food spoiling? Or will guests be okay if you enter to replenish?

Curious what the Swedish eat for breakfast. Can you tell I am hungry?

Most of peole that are asking are only staying one/two nights. If longer they will have to accept that I leave refill.
Well it s really depend each person, but it can be bread, cheese,vegetable,fruct,juice,something sqeet like cinamon bun, egg, fish eggs (caviar),hareng fish in sauce,musli, yougurt

Is your question how much to charge and the amount to leave per guest?

This is quite an extensive list and could be unmanageable if they didn’t have to choose in advance. Some of these things go bad and/or become stale. I would suggest you create “set breakfasts” with each one having a different price tag based on your actual costs. I would also recommend making this all or nothing, meaning they can have a variety of “sets” for the taste of the guests but there are five booked, there should be five “sets” chosen. Otherwise, you will do all the work and have the potential of delivering just one breakfast which doesn’t pass my cost/benefit analysis.

And, I would love so many of those items for a breakfast and would love to have something like this delivered, though maybe not every day.

It was first the question if it was commission on but got the reply that is not. I think i will charge like concurrence 80 sek

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