Booking as a guest


I have a question as a guest this time.
for this place :
We first contacted in direct and we got a price for 5 persons as 80 dollars (2 double and one single room) but it was cheaper to book on air bnb 49 dollars. Can we except any difference with the air bnb booking compared to the direct booking ? (I guess they can t ask us for extra money when we are coming or put us all in one room?)

edit: we booked for the week before 6 nights with a proprety and the direct place price was higher compared to (where I get cashback), I don’t understand them…


I am not quite sure I understand your question. Are you saying you booked directly at one price and then saw it advertised at a cheaper price on BNB and and are wondering if you can ask them to have your accommodation at the cheaper price?

No I booked on air bnb for cheaper price and wondering if they can ask for more money when we are there?

No. Whether you book a hotel, BNB or book directly the price you book at is the price you pay.

Ok thanks. I just feel surprised that it was more expensive directly compared to air bnb price…

How many nights are you staying? Their rates are 20 per night plus 5 for each guest after 1 or 40 per night for 5 people. I assume with Airbnb fees you get the 49 you paid??

As one of the reviews say, they don’t really know what they are doing yet. Maybe the direct price is higher because they are including the price of insurance, credit card fees, website hosting,etc. When you book on airbnb you get what ever is listed. The pictures and description on airbnb are terrible and I wouldn’t stay there because I feel that I don’t know what I’m getting. If there is a big difference between what you see on their website and what you see on airbnb then there might be some issues. I was looking at the listing in the language you posted (Norwegian?) and didn’t look in English so don’t know what amenities you are entitled to.

Yes the 49 are with airbnb fees

The listing in english.

Well they have no website. I got the contact from an other person. I think they don’t know yet about airbnb or maybe as they are new in air bnb , they want to get more review before increasing price.

I agree. I’m all for saving money but I wouldn’t stay anywhere that cost $20 a night.

The other place where we will stay 6 nights before: