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Booking 16 months in advance?

I recently received a booking request for December 2022. They said the date was not available. Without giving it too much thought I went into my calendar and opened up the entire month of December and informed them. They still said it was unavailable and then it dawned on me that they wanted a booking more than 16 months in advance and it appears Airbnb doesn’t allow you to do that so the only option is to allow them to book privately.

I decided there was something fishy about this booking and just ignored all their future correspondence because who books so far in advance? But it’s hard to see what nefarious motive they might have?

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I have weddings that book that far in advance.
Family get togethers also.
And I am permanently booked for some of our annual events by repeat guests….already fully booked across 4 houses for early July next year.
Have you asked?


Under availability settings you can choose “12 months” or “all future” so you can accommodate future bookings.

It’s been a long time ago so memory could be a little off but I had a guest request a booking at the end of my 12 month limit and state “we want to rent xx/xx-xy but your calendar will not permit it”. I sent them a special request for those dates, they accepted it and it over-rode the 12 month limit.

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Didn’t know that. As for possibly a family function so far in advance the booking was for only one day.

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Is there maybe a special event that you’re not aware of? Events are often announced well ahead of time.

You could just ask them why they’re coming.

When I first started I allowed all future bookings. I live in a college community. I had a parent stay when bringing her daughter to college. She optimistically booked graduation weekend 4 years out. Sadly it occurred in 2020 and she had to cancel because COVID eliminated in person graduation activities. There are families that rotate where they do holidays among family members so planning for 2022 might not be unusual.


Lots of people. But I guess it might depend on where you are. I get bookings well in advance (often 16 months or more) because of local events, festivals, art shows and so on.

When a Broadway show is coming into town, a concert or a sports event, these are planned very well in advance so staff who travel with them book in advance too. Then, as @Debthecat says, there are weddings, anniversaries and other family celebrations.

Some guests who are just coming for a vacation and not for a particular event, like to come at the same time of year every time so they book a year in advance.

Why did you think these guests were fishy?

I can’t see any dodgy motive either. Some hosts (well, me) like to be booked for at least a year in advance because I’m a stickler for being organised. :slight_smile:

It was a new situation to me and after I said it appeared that Airbnb did not allow bookings so far in advance I heard nothing further I assumed something was not quite right but possibly an incorrect assumption? Anyway an interesting discussion.


It depends on the sort of person you are. I love having bookings for many months in advance, but other hosts might prefer not to have because of life having a habit of getting in the way. :slight_smile:

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Love a fully booked calendar months in advance! It allows me to plan the other parts of my life.
My listings are at 3 price points, and I have the ability to shuffle bookings if I need to, the guest is offered an upgrade and they have never refused.


A fully booked calendar is a nice thing to have especially since my Airbnb facility is a standalone apartment so it doesn’t impact my own personal accommodation. But I don’t know what to do with those bookings if I sell the place, which is possibly on the cards.

I’m a planner and could be one of those folks who would be securing Dec 2022 now versus waiting until next year. Don’t hold it against them. That would not prevent me from accepting a booking. However, if you think you are possibly selling then personally I wouldn’t accept any bookings I already think I might not be able to fulfill…especially if someone is trying to get stuff organized well ahead of time.


Coincidentally @Adria posted not long after your post and he is looking to book for May 2023, well beyond Dec 2022 that your folks wanted. When you asked your question, I was curious too, but I guess it’s been answered. Personally, I don’t want to commit more than a year out to any guests. A lot can happen in a year.

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